6 Tips for Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s a popular statement that many brides don’t feel like their wedding is really happening until they go wedding dress shopping. We have entire television shows about finding wedding dresses. However if you’re a plus size bride, you might find yourself feeling anxious about the day instead of excited. This isn’t fair to you. Here are six tips to make sure you have the best dress shopping experience possible, leaving you happy and excited about the big day.

1) Do Some Research!

Research might just be your best friend as you’re trying to plan your day of dress shopping. Put simply, dress shops are no more “one-size-fits-all” than the dresses they sell. That tiny fashionable boutique that your friend had a great experience at might not work for you, and that isn’t your fault. Instead of wasting time at a shop that doesn’t have you in mind, find a shop that does have options for you. There are great plus size boutiques where you may be able to try on every dress in the store.

2) Call The Shop

You never know what a shop has until you ask. If there is a shop that you’re interested in checking out, it’s worthwhile to call ahead and ask some questions. Ask about the styles they have available in your size and what size the samples are in the shop. This might also be a nice way to get in touch with your consultant so they can pull dresses aside for you.

3) Be In The Right Headspace

Wedding dress shopping is full of anxiety and excitement for everyone. If you go in focusing on your anxieties, you may be setting yourself up to fail. Go in wearing undergarments that make you feel nice (and remember that your consultant is going to see them). For some, that might be shapewear but that doesn’t have to be the case. Keep your diet in mind: if you want to cut down on bloating, avoid excess salt in the days before you go shopping. Try and stay positive while you’re there. Focus on the parts of your body you want to show off instead of feeling like you need to choose the dress that best hides your form. If you love your curves, choose a dress that hugs your waist and shows them off. Try not to worry about hiding your arms.

4) Remember The Number Is Made Up

The size on the tag doesn’t mean anything and is not a judgement of you. Your wedding gown probably won’t be sized the same way the clothes you wear every day are. Most wedding dress designers use couture sizing, meaning you’re likely to end up with a dress several sizes bigger than you’re used to. Avoid dwelling on it and know that’s true for everyone. If the dress fits, you have nothing to worry about.

5) Sample Sizes Don’t Fit Most People

Remember that you aren’t the only one to cringe while you put on a sample size gown. Most shops will only have one or two samples of each dress available to try on. Unless you happen to be the exact size of the dress, most people are trying to make a decision about what size to order based on a dress that is probably going to be left open in the back or clipped to their body. Even a size zero bride will probably go through this experience.

6) You Can Alter Your Dress

Keep in mind that your dress might not be perfect immediately — that’s what alterations are for. If you need a larger size for your bust, don’t worry about the gaping at your waist; that’s what your seamstress is for. This can also extend to making some changes. You can add sleeves to move wedding dresses easily. Other options can change the look of your dress, like a sparkly belt or a sash that can bring in a daring pop of color. You can make your dress perfect for you!

Ultimately, the best plan for finding the perfect plus size wedding dress is to find a wedding dress designer that operates with plus size brides in mind. That’s our passion here at Fan C Designs. Check out our curvy brides collection, or contact us to see what we have in stores right now.

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