Best 4 Dating Apps To Actually Meet Someone

Valentine’s day is a time for love, and many people today are still looking to find their special someone. The world of dating has changed, and is now geared towards making connections, and building lasting relationships. Here are our best dating sites to find someone in 2023. 


Match is a popular website simply because it works. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, Match is confident that you will be dating someone within six months of joining the service, or they will give you six months of the service for free. 

When you join Match, you will be given a personality quiz, and while this may seem tedious, this quiz is a part of the formula to find you a lasting relationship. Another key factor that keeps Match popular is the added features like photo verification and location services  to make sure that you’re talking to a real person.

A key factor for making Bumble  a women’s app of choice is that women will break the ice first. If you send a message to men on the app or website and they don’t reply in 24 hours, the message gets removed. While there is no quiz, and the site comes with limited profile features, there is still the potential to meet someone on Bumble. Filters can guide you in making the right choice when you swipe right on Bumble, 


Hinge started off as a way to connect singles based on friends you already had in common on social media platforms. Now, once you make an account, there are prompts from fun and light hearted to serious to help you fill out your profile, and aid you in finding a compatible match.  

Users can “heart” either your photo or a prompt answer, making it easier to get to know someone. The motto of Hinge is “designed to be deleted,” meaning that the app is perfect for building long term relationships. 

Coffee Meets Bagel

Originally this site was designed as having coffee with someone virtually online as opposed to in-person. Some dating sites will send you a lot of potential matches based on algorithms, and have you swipe or “heart” on the people you want to match with. 

Coffee Meets Bagel is one that will only send 7 options a day, based on their own algorithm, making it easier to find that special someone for a long term relationship. Similar to Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel matches only last for a week, encouraging discussion after your first contact. 

Finding someone online can be tricky because there are many sites and apps trying to sign you up. Research them carefully before signing up, as they have  built in  features to help you in meeting potential matches and hopefully that  meaningful connection. Check out our site and blog for more tips including-how long should you date before getting married.

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