April Wedding Ideas

The Key to an April Wedding

The Key to an April Wedding

The month of April is in many ways synonymous with spring.  The season of new beginnings and fresh promises. This makes April a prime time for weddings, nestled between difficult winters and the summer heat. Using the natural beauty of April and being mindful of possible weather problems can help brides plan the perfect day to begin a new adventure with the love of their life.

Key April Wedding Ideas


Outdoor Weddings – Plan Strategically 

“April showers brings May flowers” is not a popular saying for a reason. April can be an unpredictable month when it comes to weather. When picking an April wedding venue, it’s best to avoid a game of chance with the clouds and opt for something inside or well covered.  Or, at the very least, have a back-up plan up your sleeve just in case.  

Rain on your wedding day may be considered good luck, but you may not feel that way when it’s pouring on your gorgeous gown!


Holiday Hang-Ups

The holiday season comes around a second time in the month of April. Easter, Passover, and April Fool’s Day can be either utilized or avoided when it comes to planning a wedding. Easter weddings are a chance to have fun with colors and decorations, but may cause scheduling conflicts among family and friends. And while April Fools Day weddings are not popular, perhaps an April 1st date would perfectly encompass you and your fiance’s sharp sense of humor. Whether planning on or around April holidays, be sure to consider them while picking your date, venue, and guest list.

April Wedding Ideas


April Flowers and Bridal Showers

A change in seasons is great for a bride looking to add some colorful flowers to her wedding. Like a birthstone, each month has designated flowers as well. For April, these flowers are the Sweet Pea and the Daisy. A Sweet Pea bouquet for the bride, or daisy flower crowns for the Bridesmaids are a great way to incorporate the month’s flowers into the ceremony.

April Wedding Ideas Daisy


Colors of April

When you think ‘spring’, it’s not uncommon to associate colors like pink, yellow, purple, and blue with the season. Bright pastels are a trademark of the pre-summer months. These colors also lend themselves flawlessly to weddings when used properly. Instead of trying to mix all four colors, settle on one or two to weave throughout your decor and dresses. Subtlety is key when dealing with such vibrant colors.

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