Adding Humor and Jokes to a Wedding

Adding Laughs to the Love on Your Wedding Day

Fools in Love: How (and Why!) to Add Comedy to Your Wedding Day

Using Comedy in Wedding

For most couples, weddings are a time for honoring old traditions and celebrating the new road they will travel together moving forward. If a conventional wedding sounds solemn and boring, you are your fiance may be looking to spice up the norm with a touch of humor. Whether celebrating an April Fools wedding, or simply looking to go off the script for a truly memorable day, there are plenty of way to have both a funny and tasteful wedding; full of spontaneity and life-long memories.


Humor in decor:

Without adding whoopi cushions to your guests chairs, you can still have fun with the decorations placed around your ceremony or banquet hall. Have friends put together a humorous collage of both the bride and groom to be.

…Include pictures that have funny stories behind them that can be shared throughout the evening. Take time to reminisce on some of your favorite “oops” moments that lead you to the happiest day of your life.


A Dance to Remember:

Instead of a sweet ballad for your first dance, try picking a song none of your guests would expect, complete with a hilarious dance compliments of you and your beloved. Pick a special favorite between the two of you, or perhaps the song that played in the bar the night you met. As long as you and your partner are having fun there’s no limit to the musical options.

Adding Humor and Jokes to a Wedding

A Wedding Comedian:

While the best man speech is a perfect opportunity for humor, there’s no guarantee that your husband’s brother or best friend is a natural joke maker. Instead, opt for hiring a comedian to do a set during your reception. To ensure maximum hilarity and no awkward topics, meet ahead of time to discuss okay and not okay points to poke fun.


The Prank:

A full day of gag gifts and practical jokes may not be fun for all of your guests. Instead, plan one elaborate prank on a specific family member or friend (preferably one with good spirits and a humorous streak). Planning the prank can also be a great way to do some bride-groom or bridal party / groom’s party bonding before and during the wedding.

It’s your day, a day full of love; but one of life and love’s greatest gifts is laughter.  It will only be all the more memorable to share a few laughs with all the ones you love on your special day!

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