7 Of Our Favorite Wedding Hairstyle Trends

One of biggest decisions a bride can make on the big day is what hairstyle will work with the dress and shoes to complete the look. The way you wear your hair is another way to say who you are as a person and express your personality. Of course, this will depend on your style and personal preference, but you can still wear your hair on trend no matter style, type, and texture of your hair. Here are seven hairstyles that are popular this year.

Classic Bun

For a bride who wants to do minimal things with hair but still have a classic style, this is perfect. If you are looking for a way to be more daring with other aspects of the look for the day — such as dress, shoes, and jewelry — this style is both simple and elegant. A more modern dress also works well with this style because you can let the dress shine with a minimalist hairstyle. The bun is a great choice for photos because your hair will be swept back and out of your face.


A braid is an excellent choice for someone who wants more of a more modern style for the big day. The braid can also be versatile, dressed up or down to suit your personality. The braid is also a way to have fun and get creative, as it can be tight or loose. This style can also work for different lengths and hair types — the braid will look lovely no matter your hair texture or color.

Long and down

A look for a bride with long hair, this trend is all about simplicity. For a bride who wants a style that is classic yet not an updo, this fits the bill. Many styles and textures can work well with this trend because it can be worn with curls, waves and straight. This is a style that is a classic and is making a comeback in 2019.


This is not your typical going to the gym or casual ponytail. On the big day, an elegant ponytail can do the trick for a bride that wants the hair all tied back. A sporty or classic bride will be happy with this trend because it allows to have the volume and texture of your hair while still being classic. The ponytail can be with a variety of lengths and texture so it will work for most brides.

Tiara and Hair Pin

For a bride who would like classic elegance on the big day, this trend is perfect. The tiara can be big and elaborate to suit a big personality. The opposite is a smaller tiara for a bride looking to be minimal but still glam. If a tiara isn’t quite your style, a hairpin can be big and bold or small and intricate. No matter which way you go with this trend, you will wow your guests on the big day.

Trendy Updo

This is a trend that will help brides shine on the big day because the style is not as tight as a classic bun. While most of the styles have a bun as the base, twists and braids make a vehicle to make this style your own. With the help of accessories, such as bows and clips, it can dress the look up or down depending on the rest of your style for the big day. This hairstyle is a mix of classic and modern depending on how you put own person touches to the trend.

Flower Crown

This is a hair accessory but is a fun way to play with your hair on your wedding day. Flower crowns come in a variety styles from the big and bold to the small and dainty. In the same vein, there is an option for a variety of flowers based on color, making this a great way to add variety but stay in the same color scheme as the rest of the look. Hair with a flower crown can be both down and natural or pulled back depending of preference, making this one of the most versatile trends.The way a bride wears their hair on the big day is a decision that will complete the look and make a statement about their personality. You may need to try a few styles to find the perfect one, but this guide should help in finding in the trend that works best for you.  A hair stylist can also help find the look that works best for your hair and how the trend can work with the rest of your wedding day fashion. For help with a wedding dress and other style for the big day, check out our bridal collection.

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