6 Ways to Pull Off a Wedding That’s Both Traditional And Modern

Some couples want to have both traditional and modern elements at their wedding ー the best of both worlds. A wedding can be a blending of the old and the new, with two people starting their lives together as a couple. Tradition is key because your guests will expect those elements that every wedding has no matter where it takes place.  Modern is a way to adapt the wedding towards your personal style and add more personality of the couple getting married.

Traditional Attire

Everyone dreams of what they will wear on their wedding day and how to reflect their own personal style. A bride wears white on the big day, and this is an element that guests will be expecting. As far as a tuxedo color for the groom, it is the tradition to go with a black or dark-colored suit. While you can go more modern on other aspects of the wedding, the tradition of a white dress and a classic tuxedo is the perfect adage to classic styles on the big day.  

Unique Venue

A way to add a large modern element to your wedding is in selecting the venue. A traditional wedding will be in a house of worship, such as a church or a synagogue. If the religious tradition does not work for you or does not say enough about who you are as a couple, try thinking of a more unique venue. Over the last few years, barn weddings and backyard weddings have become more and more popular. A place like the aquarium or a zoo is another way to be modern and different. While the dress might be traditional, the venue can be non-traditional and fun for your guests, all while showcasing who you are as a couple.


Another tradition is to have an usher seat guests on sides based on their relation to the bride or groom. Not only is this a fantastic way to keep this traditional element intact, it will cause less confusion when your guests arrive at the venue and is a great way to include family or friends in the wedding without growing the size of the bridal party!

Different Dresses For a Bridal Party

The bridal party tradition is to have everyone wear the same color and same dress to look uniform. To add elements of modern day weddings to the big day, consider having the bridal party in different shades of color and different styles of dresses.  The key to keeping this look cohesive is to pick an element from the bride’s dress (lace bodice, cap sleeves, sweetheart neckline, A-line skirt, etc) and carry it throughout each of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Not only is this a way to show your own personal style, it allows the members of the bridal party to have some say in what they wear since we all know the same dress doesn’t always look good on everyone.  The bride can give a direction with style, pattern, or color, and the person wearing the dress can pick based on personal taste. You can even have the groomsmen wear different patterned ties to extend this concept to the other side of the aisle!

The Parents’ Blessing

Perhaps the most traditional element on this list is the giving away of the bride. Traditionally, this element is kept in all weddings because it is a way for the parents to have a public blessing of approval over the ceremony before the marriage. The parents will usually answer, “I do” or “we do” when prompted by the officiant to give their daughter’s hand in marriage.  A modern twist can allow a different family member to walk the bride down the aisle if desired.

Unique Style

Who says the bride needs to wear a traditional wedding dress? If the style of a big princess ball gown does not suit you or your personality, simply go with a more minimalist look. There is no rule that says every dress needs to be the traditional ball gown that was so popular in the past. Why not add your own style by going with a different length or even a different color like blush or champagne? Be sure to make yourself happy when picking your dress; don’t let opinions of generations’ past influence you into a dress you don’t want to say “YES!” to.

A wedding is a lot of planning and you will want to try to please a lot of different people. Traditional elements are what your guests will expect and what they want to see at the wedding. But if some elements are too out of the box, the guests will wonder if the bride and groom have kept any sort of traditional part of the ceremony intact.  Be sure to stay true to yourself and balance both traditional and modern elements that showcase the personality of the bride and groom. If you need help with your wedding or need ideas for a dress and other elements, check out our bridal wear collection.

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