6 Wedding Dresses to Match Your Personality

One of the biggest challenges in wedding dress shopping is searching for a wedding dress that fits your personality. On a day that’s all about you, you want to be sure your personality shines through! Here are six stylish trends to help focus your dress selection and add a touch of you to the big event.

Classic: Royal Wedding

If you are known for your timeless elegance, you will be happy to know that the Royal Wedding trend is still alive and well in wedding fashion. This is a style that makes use of the tiara and the panache of royal brides of the past.  For everyone who wants to feel like royalty on their wedding day, this style is perfect for you. From red carpet ball gown with extra bling to elegantly understated and covered in lace, dresses within this trend range from long column dresses to A-line, and others in between.

Playful: Bows

For a bride who enjoys feminine style with a twist of fun, the bow trend is the way to go. Dresses within this style trade out bling for bows, from a big bow on the back of the dress to a collection of more dainty bows scattered on the skirt, or even an entire line of bows along the back seam. A more traditional way to follow this trend is to use the bow as a belt at the waist, creating that structured look that looks great on anyone.  

Vibrant: Geometric

For a bride with a more vibrant personality, the geometric trend is perfect. it uses a pattern across the entire dress as opposed to just a single focal point like a bow.  Dresses in this style are bold, making use of irregular shapes and even colors other than traditional whites. Big patterns that really pack a punch and small, more intricate patterns are seen on dress designs in this category.

Tomboy: The Jumpsuit

The wedding jumpsuit is great for a bride that isn’t afraid to edgy. Still providing a clean and elegant like a clean look for the big day, the jumpsuit is totally in right now. This style also lends itself to a wardrobe change between the ceremony and the reception — and who wouldn’t love to have multiple outfits for a single day? This style has everything from structured satin pants and top, to a lace jumpsuit with a train in the back.

Simplistic: Clean and Simple

A wedding dress trend for a girl with a no-frills attitude. The simple white gowns of this style are a classic look for the big day, highlighting the love and personality of the bride and groom and not the frills that often accompany such an event. We usually see long dresses with simple lines and minimal bling, however, this is a style that can be worn shorter and still have the same effect. Keep the accessories subtle and let your natural elegance do the talking.

Feminine: Ball Gown

The princess poof trend is back for 2019! With a nod to Cinderella ball gowns of the past, this style is lovely for a bride with a strong feminine side. We are seeing a return of this classic after seasons of sheaths and boho-chics. The dresses come in a variety of materials but all have layers and layers of gorgeous tulle to create the big skirt we know and love. Princess fever is in the air as the ballgown returns to the runway. For the bride that dreamed of being a princess, this is the perfect style for you.

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