5 Wedding Trends for 2020

While weddings are timeless, some wedding trends are not. Trends come and go, and already in 2020, some trends are really standing out. As we move into the year, let’s take a look at some new wedding trends.

It’s all about color

The Pantone color of the year is a classic blue, which we will see added to elements of the wedding particularly for the dress of the bride and groom or bridal party, flowers, table linens, and napkins. Classic blue is an easy color to work into a variety of elements, and even working the color classic blue in more than one way, such as having dark blue linen and a different shade of blue for napkins and flowers. 

Couples are having fun and embracing color in their wedding displays, and not just trending colors like this year’s classic blue, but a favorite color of the bride and groom. Not every color choice needs to be loud and bold; some couples use color as a part of the wardrobe, flowers, or even food for a subtle pop of color on their wedding day.

Nontraditional wedding elements

Brides today embrace a more contemporary style in terms of dress for their wedding day. Gone are the days when every bride wanted a long white gown with all the trimmings; a more modern look for 2020 is a simple dress design. Some brides will add in a nontraditional element like a cape to complete the wedding day look. Nontraditional is not stopping with the bride. Entertainment for the reception is also going for a more contemporary vibe. Couples now are using aerialists, harpists, dancers, and other unconventional entertainment for the reception. 

Smaller wedding

A wedding need not have a large bridal party, or even a big guest list to have an impact. A smaller guest list cannot only save the couple money, but it also provides a more intimate setting without taking away any of the important parts of the ceremony. The smaller guest list is a way for the bride and groom to be more intimate with their guests. And of course, with a smaller guest list, a smaller or nontraditional venue is an option. 

Joint picking of rings and weddings bands

In 2020, more couples will go out shopping for engagement rings together, rather than the groom selecting it in an attempt to surprise his bride. This has advantages in that they can make a selection that meets both their design wishes and stays within budget. Wedding rings come in a variety of styles and colors, and this year we may see a return to the traditional yellow-gold bands. However platinum will always remain an option for some couples. Ring design is also seeing a return to classic art deco designs.

Personalized bridesmaid dresses

Gone are the days when the bride had her party dress in similar style and color. This year, we will see brides play with color, style, and patterns, adding a way for the bridesmaid and the bride add their own personality to their dresses.

Trends are dynamic because they change from year to year, and if you don’t follow these trends closely, you may miss out on a new trend that could add fun and personality to your wedding. Looking for the perfect bridal look? Check out Fan C Designs’ selection today.

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