5 Ways to Add Wedding Style to Your Elopement

There are a lot of reasons that you and your partner might decide that eloping is the right step for you. You may not be interested in throwing a traditional wedding, or you might live far from your family and know they won’t be able to travel to attend. You might be concerned about the financial cost of a traditional wedding, or you may be on a time crunch due to illness or an upcoming move. While some people are happy to forgo a wedding, if you find yourself wanting to bring some more traditional elements into your elopement, here are five ideas to help you incorporate some wedding style into your big day!

1)  Wear Some Finery

Just because you’ve decided to elope doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear something special! This can be a traditional wedding gown if that’s something you want to experience. No one will think you’ve made an odd choice and you’ll be greeted with smiles as you make your way to the courthouse. Many brides enjoy wearing short vintage inspired dresses for elopements. A short white dress with a full skirt and a birdcage veil is a fun bridal look that you might feel comfortable in on your wedding day. You could even just opt for a nice dress or a new outfit. The important thing is to wear something that makes you feel special.

2) Hire A Photographer

Just because you aren’t having a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you won’t want to share pictures from your wedding day to look back on! Check in with local photographers. Many may have special elopement packages and will happily take some nice photos of you with your new spouse in addition to photographing your wedding ceremony. These pictures are a great way to announce your marriage and share your happiness with friends and family who don’t live nearby.

3) Involve Your Loved Ones

Eloping doesn’t have to mean you won’t have any wedding guests! Check in with the court house before the big day and ask them if they have space for guests to watch the ceremony. Most courthouses will have room for a few guests, like your immediate families or best friends. Even if there isn’t much space, traditionally you will bring at least two witnesses. You could embrace technology and ask one of the witnesses to record the ceremony so you can share it with your loved ones over the internet!

4) Enjoy A Low Key Reception

After your courthouse ceremony, you will want to celebrate your new marriage! If you and your spouse are celebrating alone, you can go to a nice restaurant and order a special meal. You may also wish to reserve a section at a restaurant if you would like to invite your guests to celebrate with you! If you would prefer a more casual affair, you could invite your loved ones back to your home for a party- this could be any sort of party, be it a dinner party, enjoying wine with appetizers, or a full barbecue. The important thing is to celebrate with your loved ones!

5) Make A Day Of It

You deserve to feel special on your wedding day! Go to the salon and get your hair and nails done (although avoid letting them know it’s for your wedding! Many salons will automatically charge more for wedding day looks). This pampering will make you feel special and can help calm your nerves. You may also enjoy a celebratory breakfast with your nearest and dearest before the wedding. Go out to a full service brunch restaurant and enjoy mimosas and your favorite sweet and savory foods. Just because you aren’t having a traditional wedding doesn’t mean you have to forgo these fun parts of your wedding day!

These five tips are a few ways to make your elopement feel like a wedding but keep in mind that everyone’s wedding is different and which elements are important to you don’t have to match what is important to anyone else (except your spouse)! Enjoy your wedding day, no matter what it looks like.

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