5 Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

Are you thinking about writing your wedding vows? It’s no easy task, and that’s usually why people choose traditional vows. Summarizing your love, hopes, and dreams for one another in just a few short minutes can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not the only ones who will hear your words. 

But as overwhelming as it is, it’s worth it. It adds the personal touch to your wedding day and allows people to see a glimpse of your forever. So if you do decide on writing your own wedding vows, here are some tips on what to do…

1. Start with “I love you.” 

If you can’t think of the words, start with “I love you.” That you know is true and you can go from there. Expand to the reasons why you love your significant other. They can be silly, intimate or both. These three little words hold so much meaning so make sure you don’t leave them out!

2. Share personal stories. 

Maybe it’s the first time you met or the first time you said “I love you.” They can even be times when you came across a bump in the road. Although your vows are for your significant other and not your guests, these stories give them a little peek into what makes your relationship tick. The personal moments or odd quirks you share between you and your partner are reasons why you’re standing on the altar so share some of them.

3. Write multiple drafts.

Just like English class, write at least a few drafts. The first one is rarely the best one. You can even have someone close to you help edit or make sure you’re including those special moments or funny anecdotes you may have missed. 

4. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Procrastinating may have worked in college and high school but in this case, avoid waiting until the night before to write your vows. You’ll be reading this in front of all of your guests and significant other. They’ll most likely remember your words until the day they die, especially if it’s caught on tape. This isn’t something you come up with spur of the moment. These words will embody the reasons why you’re both up there on that special day. 

5. Make promises.

The definition of the word “vow” means a solemn promise. The whole purpose of writing your own vows is to declare the promises you’re making in your own way when you say “I do.” You are making a serious commitment in front of your closest friends and family. Your promises can be to never go to bed angry but also to always wash the dishes after dinner. These are for the two of you. Just because they are marking your lifelong commitment to one another doesn’t mean they have to be serious. 

Just remember, there’s only one person you should have in mind when writing your vows. They’re not to entertain your guests, they’re for your significant other. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have no problem expressing how you feel.

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