5 Things Brides Wish They Knew Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding a wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your wedding day. With so many options, it can be overwhelming, and you might find it confusing to get started. Everyone has their own tips about what you need to know, or what they wish they knew before they purchased a wedding dress. Here are our five tips to ease wedding dress shopping:  

Wear shoes you feel comfortable in

While you might want to wear heels for the full look while wedding dress shopping, our advice is to wear comfortable shoes while shopping, and put your wedding day heels in a carry bag. If you want to wear a heel, choose one that is low, has a chunky heel, or even a flat. But remember that your wedding day shoes should be worn to every alterations appointment.

Keep an open mind while looking for your wedding dress

Every bride has a vision of her dream dress, but that’s not always reality. Sometimes a style might not work for you, timing may not allow for the dress, and budget considerations may eliminate some dresses altogether. Keeping an open mind is important, so you can ultimately select a dress that makes you happy. While you might not be able to have the exact dress you envisioned, working with your bridal shop consultant, the two of you can weigh the options and select a dress that will please you on your wedding day.   

Buy the dress you love

Everyone in your party will have an opinion on what dress you should buy. In the end, you’re the one who will need to wear the dress all day, or a good portion of your wedding day. Only you can pick the dress you want to wear because it makes you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day. You are the only one who should make that decision. Bringing only a small group for the bridal shop visit will minimize potential tension.

Don’t feel you need to buy everything from one bridal salon

While it might seem like the best plan in the beginning to get everything from one place, it might not be the best in the long run. Shop around for your veil and everything else for your dress as multiple salons give you a wider selection to choose from, and it also may be a little less expensive.

Make sure the dress fits correctly

Spending time with alterations is important, and it will take time to make sure the dress fits you perfectly. There are some things that even alterations can’t fix, and that includes the sleeves of your wedding dress. If your dress has sleeves, make sure you can move your arms comfortably before you make your purchase. 

Following these tips should make wedding dress shopping a little easier. Still looking for your perfect wedding dress? View our collection by checking out our shop.

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