5 Things to Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

Everyone has the question of what to do with your wedding dress after your wedding day. Of course, you could keep it in storage and not see it again; but that’s not particularly useful, and after all, wedding dresses are expensive. Here are 5 suggestions on how to use your wedding dress after the wedding.

Donate the Dress to Charity

Across the country, many organizations are giving brides the opportunity to get a dress for their wedding day. A Military Bride in need could wear your dress courtesy of Brides Across America. A high school student could wear your dress or tux to the prom with help from Operation Prom and Cinderella’s Closet. A local thrift store is an option if you don’t want to donate to one of these charities. As the owner of the dress, you will do your part to make someone else happy.

Alter the Dress for Continued Use

As the bride, only wearing the dress once, and then having it sit in storage forever might not be a part of your big plans. Work with a tailor or seamstress and have the dress altered into a style with more flexibility. A cocktail party, gala, or a night at the theatre could be destinations for your restyled dress. Another idea is to wear the dress on a special anniversary as a nice gesture for your significant other. 

Use the Dress as Art

With the help of companies such as The Beautiful Frame Company and Outrageous Framing, you can frame your wedding dress for all to see and enjoy. The work can hang on your wall as a reminder of the special day. The dress could also serve as a conversation starter about your wedding and everyone can share memories. Art can stay in your family for generations, if you have kids one day, they might ask about the wedding dress, offering the opportunity to tell stories of how you met, and how your love came to be.

Wear Your Wedding Dress as a Piece of Jewelry

Gabrielle Bratton, based in California, can use a wax casting process, and turn a piece of your dress or veil into a piece of metal jewelry. You can turn your dress into a necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, or a pair of cufflinks for the groom. Not only is this a unique way to use your wedding dress, but it is also a conversation starter while out and about. A memory of your wedding day can be worn, making your wedding dress even more memorable.

Save It for the Future

If you plan on having kids or have a sibling or friend getting married, use the dress for them. Not only can this save them money, but it also adds a special touch to the day because it was a gift from you. Alternatively, the dress could be altered into a dress for a child’s special event. When asked where the dress came from, the child can say it was their mother’s wedding dress. While everyone is different and not everyone wants to reuse their wedding dress, it’s really a personal choice.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what options are out there for your wedding dress after your special day. For the perfect dress for your wedding day, check out our collection.

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