5 Pros and Cons of Booking an AirBnB For Your Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon can be a challenge for a couple. Once you’ve selected your destination, you have many traditional choices on where to stay. AirBnB offers a wider range of options, which could help or hurt your decision making. Here are five pros and cons of staying in an AirBnB for your honeymoon:

Pro: Wide Selection of Choices

An AirBnB will have a wide selection beyond a hotel or resort for your honeymoon. Many options include: apartments, homes, yachts, houseboats, and more. Being married is an adventure, so start your new life together by staying in a place you’ve never stayed in but always wanted to stay. A wide selection also means different price points.

Con: Possible Added Fees

Just like a hotel, AirBnB can have added fees making it potentially more expensive than a hotel or resort. In addition to the cost of the reservation, they can add a surcharge up to 20% to cover services such as cleaning. Also, keep in mind that a credit card company or bank might add fees for booking at an AirBnB. AirBnB will charge a transaction fee of at least 3%. 

Pro: Closer to the Local Culture

In a hotel in a foreign city or country, it can feel like you’re not close to the “vibe” of the place. With an AirBnB you may be closer to the local atmosphere. Talking to the “neighbors” can offer more of an insider look at the area as opposed to a bell captain.

Con: Lengthier Booking Process

Booking an AirBnB can be longer than booking a hotel because you need to make an account on the website and interact with your host in most cases to get your stay booked. If you pick a hotel, all you need to do is go to their website or call, book your room, and provide your credit card info. While there are instant booking available for AirBnB’s you will still need the host’s approval. 

Pro: A Vacation That Feels Like Home

A hotel can make you feel like you’re staying at a hotel as opposed to a home. Staying at an AirBnB can feel more “homey,” as you don’t have other guests and hotel employees around. The AirBnB may also have the  comforts of home like a full kitchen, a patio, a private pool, etc, which you might not find at a hotel.

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