5 Proposals That Set The Bar

Everybody loves a good proposal, especially on the internet. Whether the proposal involves returning to a place that has sentimental value, declaring your love in front of thousands, or making an adventure or spectacle out of it, we love a big gesture that shows how much you care about the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Proposal videos go viral on youtube and spread through social media like wildfire, which can be a relief in a myriad of bad news sometimes. Here are a few of our favorite examples of spectacular proposals that really set the bar for every proposer to come:

1.    Jumped out of a Plane

Austin and Catherine have been vlogging their relationship for over a year now, so it was no surprise to Catherine when Austin started filming on her birthday. What seemed like a big birthday celebration led to skydiving–something Catherine has always wanted to do while Austin was reluctant because of his fear of heights. After they finished skydiving, they took pictures supposedly for the big day, and then Austin proposed. Catherine accepted, of course, and Austin had one more surprise up his sleeve. “I’m not nervous,” he said in the 4am vlog before the proposal. “Because it already feels like we are married, and to be able to marry the girl of my dreams in the way that I do when I dream…blessings on top of blessings.”

2.     Dream Proposal in the Woods

Jake and Gracey-Hope knew for some time that they were ready to move things to the next level, so Jake had a bit of time to prepare this proposal in advance. Jake made up a story about a blessing night for the soon-to-be-daughter of their mutual friends and on the night it was meant to happen, they dressed up and went on their way. Instead, they stopped in the forest where Jake (with the help of friends and family) had hung hundreds of pictures of them on clotheslines. Once there, the couple reminisced over the pictures and then Jake proposed. The interesting thing about this proposal, however, is that the night before, Gracey-Hope had a dream of Jake proposing to her while they were sitting on the couch. We think the real life situation was probably even more special.

3.     When Justin Proposed to Emily

Some readers may know actor Justin Baldoni for his role as Rafael Solano in Jane the Virgin. He has his own production company, Wayfarer Entertainment, where he posted a video of his proposal to his girlfriend, Emily. He invited her to the restaurant where they had their first date and opened it just for them. He also installed hidden cameras throughout the restaurant to capture her reaction. When she arrived, the owner of the restaurant started playing a video in which Justin proposed, poking fun at some of the typical big gesture proposal methods through a series of “failed attempts” to propose. (Don’t worry, he shows up in the flesh, as well, and what a way to do it!)


4.     An NYC Proposal

Corey took his girlfriend to New York City, supposedly to visit family. He used her blog as an excuse to film their day through the city. Finally, they took a carriage ride to Central Park, where he proposed to her. The happy couple had known each other since middle school, but it wasn’t until 2014 that they started dating. “Every day of my life that I wake up, I think to myself how lucky and blessed I am to have you in my life,” he told her before getting down on one knee and proposing.

5.     Boyfriend Tag Turned Proposal

On Youtube, there are certain popular “tags” that vloggers can do as a fun video idea. One popular tag is “the boyfriend tag,” in which a youtuber will ask their boyfriend to sit in on the video and they’ll answer questions about their relationship. But Katie Baker’s (of Katie Baker Style) boyfriend, Matt, had something else in mind. At the end of the questionnaire, Matt had three questions of his own. Katie was so shocked that at first she thought it was a joke, but she was more than prepared to say yes and happy to share the tag in full with her viewers.

What are some of your favorite proposal videos? Better yet, what’s a proposal story of your own?

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