Curvy Brides Through the Seasons

One of the first questions that you’ll be asked after you get engaged is “When’s the wedding?” In fact the month, or at least the season, in which you want your wedding to take place is often one of the first decisions you’ll make in your wedding planning. Many factors can impact that choice. Maybe you originally met on a beach in the summer and want your nuptials to reflect that? Or maybe a romantic, formal winter wedding is what you’ve dreamed of since you were a child? The season your wedding takes place in influences your decor and menu, but it can also impact your dress choice.

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For the Spring Bride

Outside, the first blossoms of Spring have bloomed, and your guests walk into a botanical garden smelling tulips and roses as they take their seats. Spring Brides have plenty of advantages. In much of the United States, the weather is mild and you’ve beaten the summer wedding rush by a few months. Florists often have a better rate at fresh flowers at this time of year. Fun, flirty dresses are great for spring brides, such as this mermaid fit design. Enjoy a fairy-tale vibe while you celebrate with your friends and family.

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For the Summer Bride

Maybe you’ve always imagined that your wedding would take place on the beach at sunset? Your guests have their toes in the sand and your elaborate updo keeps your hair off of your neck. Your bridesmaids are barefoot next to you–you had a grand time of getting pedicures together over mimosas. Your wedding gown is lightweight and breezy with Swarovski crystals to amp up the glamor factor. Pick a light gown that lets you dance under the stars at night.

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For the Fall Bride

Maybe you’re a Halloween enthusiast who wants spooky accents and fun tricks and treats? Or maybe you’re after a harvest themed wedding and plan to feed your guests fresh apple cider and pumpkin pies? Fall calls for a certain flair for the dramatic, whether your decor involves bats hidden among your floral arrangements and spiderwebs drifting from doorways or your tables are covered in fall leaves with pumpkins as centerpieces. A full ball gown can have the right sense of magic and drama that an autumn wedding calls for.

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For the Winter Bride

Or maybe you’ve always dreamed about a winter wedding. Red berries and poinsettias decorating your venue with the crisp scent of pine trees outside. Snow falls softly outside as your guests enter. You set up a hot chocolate bar inside so everyone can cozy up- perhaps with some homemade marshmallows that could double up as wedding favors? A formal winter ceremony calls for a dress that makes you feel like a princess. Try a full ball gown with a sweetheart neckline so you’ll feel romantic and regal. Take advantage of snowy surroundings by heading outside to take bridal portraits, adding a regal faux fur stole can help keep you warm.

Whatever the season, you want your wedding to be as beautiful as you always dreamed it would be…right down to the dress. 

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