5 Exciting Wedding Traditions

A wedding ceremony is more than just saying, “I do” and exchanging vows. There are different traditions that can be incorporated into your ceremony. As a country of multiculturalism, couples can incorporate traditions and religious customs into their ceremony. Here are some traditions and customs to consider.  

Jumping Over a Broom

We believe this a tradition dating all the way back to the 1800s and to have western African and Wiccan wedding roots. The ceremony takes place at the end of the wedding, after they have announced the couple as bride and groom. The symbolism of this is the bride and groom sweeping away their old lives, and starting a new life together.

Wedding Time Capsule

While this is a newer tradition, the meaning behind this ceremony makes it an impressive addition to your wedding day. Before your wedding day, you and your partner write letters to each other. During the ceremony, you lock the letters in a box. Usually, these letters go along with wine or champagne and any other items from your wedding day you would like to keep for the future. On an anniversary or other life milestone, the couple opens the box and relives their wedding day. 

Planting a Tree

This is a ceremony that can be personalized to your theme or culture. The tree is a symbol of your new life together, and the tree symbolizes your growing life together. Likewise, the type of tree you plant can be symbolic for the future, such as a cherry tree which represents good fortune. During the planting, you as a couple take turns adding soil, adding water, and seeding the tree.

Dancing the Hora

This ceremony is done at traditional Jewish wedding receptions, but has been adapted to non-Jewish weddings, as well . A few guests bring chairs to the center of the dance floor, and the newlyweds are seated in the chairs.  Once Hava Nagila, a traditional Hebrew song starts, they raise the chairs. Throughout the song, the other guests will dance a circle around the newlyweds. We have adapted this tradition to play a favorite song of the couple rather than a traditional song.

Breaking a Glass

Breaking of the glass is another tradition in Jewish culture after the rabbi has announced the newlyweds. The groom smashes a wrapped glass with his foot, and the guests will cheer “Mazel Tov”. This tradition says the couple will stay married as long as the glass remains broken.

A wedding ceremony is special for you as a couple. Consider adding traditions like this to make your wedding more personal. Check out our shop for wedding dresses and the blog for other wedding tips.

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