5 Best Cinematic Wedding Dresses

The wedding scene at the end of a good movie is satisfying in so many ways: it’s a happy ending, stunningly shot, but perhaps the best part is the dress. Since the beginning of movies, there have been a number of wedding dresses that have made their mark on cinematic history, whether for better or worse. In this post, we’ll focus on those cinematic wedding dresses that filled your heart with longing, the dresses that you couldn’t help but picture yourself in. Do you have your favorite dresses in mind? Here are 5 of ours.

Maria’s Dress from The Sound of Music

Maria did sing that she loved “girls in white dresses…” and the white dress¬† she wore when she married the stern but caring Captain Von Trapp was one for the ages. The long sleeve satin dress with the trailing train and veil was an uncomplicated classic, a perfect fit that really highlighted Maria’s growth from the mischievous, awkward nun to the capable, motherly, and elegant bride. The green wreath that held her veil together added a touch of color and personality to the sophisticated gown. This cinematic wedding, and stunning cinematic wedding dress, is just one of our favorite things about The Sound of Music and one of the reasons the movie remains popular today.

Cinderella‘s 2015 Wedding Dress

Cinderella was the first Disney princess to get the live action remake treatment in 2015. While her most popular dress was her magical blue ball gown, another dress stood out in this new version starring Lily James: her wedding dress. Alfred Angelo stepped up to design a cream colored with a long train and veil, with colorful flowers winding their way up the skirt. This dress was classy, soft, and perfect for a fairytale wedding.

Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood Dress in the Sex and the City movie

Sex and the City is all about style and love…or, well, something like love, and the movie is no different. So when it came time for style guru Carrie Bradshaw to get married, they had to go big or go home with her wedding dress. This Vivienne Westwood dress is big and bold, but classic and breathtaking. It’s a dress that seems made for Carrie, and Sarah Jessica Parker looked beautiful in it–if only the groom had cooperated.

Leslie’s Dress from Parks & Recreation

This lovably tenacious Parks & Rec employee was never one for doing things the conventional way, and her wedding dress shows it. While the top of the dress is a classic white bodice with lace cap sleeves, the knee-length skirt is something so uniquely…Leslie Knope. From a distance, viewers could see that the top layer of the skirt is made up of recycled newspapers. Kirston Mann, the costume supervisor for the show, explained in an interview to Vulture, “Every single piece was pulled from a Parks episode–even though no one in a million years will be able to see all the details.” The skirt contains an article about the moment Knope ran for city council and won, as well as pieces on some of Leslie’s political heroes.

Rachel’s Runaway Bride Dress from Friends

Not only was Rachel’s wedding dress (for the wedding she never actually completed) beautiful, it made for an unforgettable character entrance. As all the friends sat around their favorite coffee shop and Ross glumly proclaimed, “I don’t want to be single! I just want to be married again!”, in wandered a bewildered–and soaking wet Rachel, decked out in a wedding dress with a full skirt, beautiful embroidered top, and the perfect headband to hold her veil together. Even the rain couldn’t make this dress shine any less.

What are some of your favorite cinematic wedding dresses? What about your least favorite dresses? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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