4 Tips for Elopement Planning

While an elopement does not include all of the activities of a traditional wedding, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan for the event. Eloping is generally more spontaneous, but there are still steps you should follow to ensure things go smoothly. Here are four steps to consider in planning your elopement.

Remember To Check the Laws In Your State

In order to marry, you will need to learn the laws in the state you live and where you plan to marry (if different), to ensure there are no issues. This includes knowing how long you need to register for your license, what form of ID and paperwork will be needed, and if your marriage will be valid where you will reside. While this is not the romantic part of the elopement, it is an important step to ensure there are no problems when you return home.

Meet With Participants Before Your Wedding Day

Meeting the staff before your wedding day will confirm they can meet your wedding requirements, and how enhance the overall experience. Your elopement will be more comfortable for you and your future spouse by meeting and finalizing details.    

Keep In Mind the Elopement Day Schedule

Eloping will not require the same amount of time as a normal wedding day, but there are still activities that need to be completed. Things like having your paper work in order, arriving at the venue or court house at the scheduled time, and any after ceremony activities should be taken into consideration. For the bride, hair, makeup, and getting ready should be included as well.

Mind Your Budget

While an elopement is not as expensive as a big wedding, you should still have a budget in mind. Courthouse wedding are typically inexpensive. After the ceremony, other budget items to consider include honeymoon or mini-moon, a post elopement announcement or celebration with family and friends, and consolidating households if necessary.

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