4 Games to Play at Your Wedding Reception

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, the wedding she always dreamed of. But let’s be honest: it’s not all about the ceremony itself. The ceremony should be beautiful, seamless, and a perfect match for the personalities of you and your future spouse. However, the afterparty is at least as important as the ceremony.

Your wedding reception is a way to thank your guests for sharing this day with you, as well as kick back now that all the wedding stress is over and have fun. It’s all in the music, the refreshments, the good friends and family; but one way to make sure your wedding reception is a hit is to add in some fun and games. This can be used as an alternative to dancing if it’s not your thing, but it can coincide well in addition to the regular festivities, too.

The key is to find games that thrive with groups. You and your spouse can lead the game, and soon everyone will be joining in. It’s a good way to break the awkward tension that comes with the beginning of any party, reward yourself for getting through all the planning, and share some laughs with those most important to you. Here are four games we recommend for your wedding reception:

Ring Toss

It fits with the theme, no? And this game is a good way to keep the crowd control to the minimum, because it’s played by taking turns. You can make this game more wedding themed by choosing gold or yellow rings that look like wedding rings, or large plush rings with a fake gem on them like a diamond. Brides magazine also recommends placing the names of the bridal party on the bottles to see whose ring gets paired up with whom.

Wedding Wheel

This is a great game to play a couple drinks in. Create a large spinning wheel with a dare on each panel. It might be “Lead the next dance,” “make a toast,” or “kiss.” You can also play this game throughout the night, staggering the wheel’s spins and drawing a guest’s name from a hat to have them spin the wheel.

Scavenger Hunt by Camera Phone

This is a game for the resourceful couple. Each table at your wedding reception makes up one team. Make a card for them suggesting different moments that you want to be caught on camera. Every time someone at the table catches a hug, the bride and groom’s laughter, someone spilling a drink, or what have you, they check it off the card and whoever fills the card fastest wins. Don’t forget to encourage them to post those pictures to social media, too.

Giant Board Game

This is ideal for outdoor wedding receptions. Set up a giant game of tic tac toe, or chess or checkers. It adds to the fun because the players can move with the pieces, rather than just standing on the sidelines. It’s also a way to turn a two player game into a team effort, which makes it perfect for a wedding game.

These are just a few suggestions. There are plenty of other games that could make your wedding reception a delight, or you could make up your own! What are your favorite wedding reception games to play?

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