4 Creative Proposal Locations – That Don’t Break the Bank

You’ve done it! You saved up enough money to get the exact ring your partner has been fantasizing about all these years. It’s time to make both your dreams come true and pop the question. But how do you do it? For some of us, finding a simple but personal way to propose is equal to a flash mob or candlelight dinner at the swankiest restaurant in town. The important thing is that wherever you propose, you go somewhere meaningful for you and your significant other. Here are a few idea for proposal location that won’t make you spend the cost of another ring.

At Home Cooking Dinner

Home is where the heart is, and oftentimes it’s where you and your partner share the most memories. If you’re both homebodies, why not find a way to incorporate that into your proposal? One idea is to cook a romantic meal for two. You could either surprise them with the dinner ready to be served or work on the meal together. Roll up your sleeves and get messy together. Add a bottle of champagne and you’re sure to have some laughs. When all is said and done, slip the ring onto dessert or at the bottom of their champagne glass (just make sure they don’t drink it!). By the end of the night both your bellies and hearts will be full.

In Your Own Backyard Planting Flowers

Who needs a romantic walk in the garden when you can make the garden yourself?  Pick out your favorite flowers together and make a garden bed. In the end you’ll have created something together: a symbol of your next chapter as a couple. Once seeds and flowers are planted, lay out a picnic blanket and sit together in your garden, watching the clouds roll by. Let your partner know you want to grow together with them and pull out the ring. You may want to have some hand wipes ready so you don’t get the ring too dirty!

At the Library

For all you bookish couples, why not get engaged at the library! There’s no cost to going to your local public library and chances are that the librarians will be more than happy to help you pull of the proposal. Perhaps you can create a special hollowed out book with the ring for your partner to find? Or you could nestle the ring box in their favorite section of books. Be sure to give the librarians a heads up that there might be a squeal of delight breaking the silence!

Dog Park

Are you and your partner dog people? Why not incorporate your furry friends into your special day! Find a dog park with big walking trails and pretty scenery and go for a walk hand and hand. You’ll both find it impossible not to be full of love and happiness surrounded by so many furry friends! You can even include your dog in this special moment! Hook the ring box to your pooch’s collar and let them charge at your partner! Holding your dog while you get down on one knee might even earn your bonus points!

When planning your proposal, make sure to think about what is significant for you and your partner. Find a place where you know happy memories can be made. You don’t need to spend crazy amounts of money to make memories and show your love. Instead, be thoughtful and you will have the perfect place to pop the question!

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