Knot Wedding gala 2016

2016 The Knot Couture Wedding Event

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We’re so happy to have been able to attend the 2016 NYC Wedding Couture event by The Knot. Over the weekend we attended a Gala and showcased our bridal dresses. We met some amazing people and had a great time! It was a pleasure to showcase our selection of Wedding Dresses for all brides, especially our Curvy Collection.[row] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5308″ image_size=”medium”] [/col] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5307″ image_size=”medium”] [/col] [/row]

The venue was located at The New York Library and made magnificent with decorations and performances. Flowers and lights adorned the stairs and a bride in a lighted wedding dress played a sweet melody on a violin. Elegant dancers performed on poles creating a beautiful atmosphere.[ux_image id=”5315″ image_size=”medium”]

Here we are, the Fan-C-Design team at the Gala.[ux_image title=”Knot Event FancDesigns Wedding Dress Booth for Curvy Brides” id=”5310″]

We had a lovely booth setup and the Fan-C-Designs’ ladies were dazzling.[row] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5311″ link=””] [/col] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5312″ link=””] [/col] [/row]

Mary Ellen shone in this Trumpet Gown for Curvy Brides.[row] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5309″] [/col] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5313″] [/col] [/row]

Sandy and Cynthia, from the boutique to the gala.[ux_image id=”5319″ image_size=”medium”]


Guerdy Abraira at the Gala, she is the #1 Event Designer in Miami[ux_image id=”5314″]


The entertainers at the Knot Gala.

Overall it was a fantastic experience and our second time being part of this wonderful event. For the second time running we won The Knot’s “Editors Pick”.

We’d like to thank everyone that took part in the event; the performers, The Knot Organizers, The Fan-C-Design team and everyone that stopped by our booth! It was truly a pleasure to meet all of you![row] [col span=”1/2″] [ux_image id=”5301″ image_size=”thumbnail”]

Mary Ellen with Randy Fenoli

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Cynthia with Carley Roney, Co-Founder of The Knot

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