Wedding Finances 2016

The Money Behind The Marriage: 2016 Wedding Financial Statistics Infographic


Wedding Finances 2016


Weddings are one of the most important moments in a person’s life – and for their entire family also. Therefore it’s no surprise that finances become a big issue, as everyone dreams of that perfect wedding. There are DIY options to create an amazing and affordable wedding, which we will touch upon in a later blog post, but for now here are some 2016 statistics on Finances for Weddings.

It’s estimated that $72 Billion is spent on Weddings each year, a crazy statistic that’s hard to wrap your head around – and there are just so many different facets (especially in 2016) that need to be accounted for.That’s why we’ve created a 2016 Wedding Financial Statistics Infographic, to help you visualise the amounts and consider for your own, or your clients’ weddings.

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Wedding Payment stats 2016


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