10 Fun Engagement Announcement Ideas

Congratulations — you’re engaged! Whether you’ve been anticipating this moment for years, or the whole thing was a complete surprise, you’re no doubt excited to share the news with your family and friends. Before you take to Facebook (or even send an old-fashioned card), take a look at these 10 special ideas for announcing your engagement.

Show Us the Ring!

The first question everyone always asks is to see that sparkling ring. Give them what they ask for with a stunning close-up photograph. You might even consider using a photo editing app to blur the background, making the symbol of your love the main focus.

Play Scrabble

Using scrabble letters, chalkboards, or light boxes to spell out meaningful messages may be trendy, but it never really gets old. Combine a special message with a shot of the ring, or the happy couple, and you have a touching engagement announcement that is unique to you.

Recreate The Proposal

Got engaged in a special location? Or, is there a place you and your spouse really love? You can use the scenery to form a special engagement photo. Snap a picture of that  picnic in the park, or that moment on the beach, and use that to form the basis of your announcement. You can even use an editing app to add text or play with the colors of the picture.

Include Your Pet

Involving your pet is a fun way to announce your engagement. You can use a chalkboard or even a paper sign to share the exciting news via your furry family member.

Use Props

Head to the local party store and pick up some heart-shaped balloons, or scout out some fun engagement merchandise, like a mug or a t-shirt that tells the world you just got engaged. Use the prop to create an artsy photograph that will have everyone on your friends list smiling.


Get Hands On

From holding hands beneath the sunset to making a heart out of your joined fingers, a simple shot of your hands can be a loving statement.

Use a Black and White Filter

The black and white filter is a classic, and for good reason. A picture of the two of you embracing, holding hands, or even a shot from the proposal, can be an elegant way to announce your upcoming nuptials.

Make It Seasonal

Did you get engaged in the fall? Or, in the Christmas season? Turn your engagement announcement into a holiday or greeting card! Take a picture of the two of you picking pumpkins, kicking a pile of leaves, or decorating the tree.

Share the Love

Is there a sports team, movie, or activity you both really love? Consider taking a photo in matching jerseys, or themed t-shirts to show off all the fun you have in your relationship.

Skip the Photo Altogether

Pictures not your thing? Consider designing a card through an online website, or creating your own image to share on social media. Two birds, your names carved into a tree, hearts, thumbprints, and a knotted rope are all popular symbols to use in engagement announcements.

Your Day — Your Way!

Did an idea on this list spark your creativity? How did you announce your engagement? Let us know in the comments!

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