Why Your Wedding Won’t Be a Perfect Day

…But it will be perfect for you

You’ve spent months planning your perfect day: you’ve obsessed over it, made pinterest boards and possibly a real, physical binder with color coding and page protectors and sticky notes of reminders stuck to the front. You’ve read every blog you can find and researched all of the options ranging from a DIY affair to a fully venue-crafted event. You’ve planned your perfect wedding… and something will go wrong. That isn’t meant to be ominous or to imply that you won’t have an absolutely lovely day but more a reminder that sometimes you have to go with the flow and remember that some things you can’t plan for.

The People

Any event that involves anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people has a lot of variables to think about. Sometimes people don’t behave the way you would like or do something you wouldn’t expect. While I’m not saying one should have to put up with rude guests — sometimes people surprise you. One of the most popular wedding traditions are using small children as flower girls and ring bearers, and while sometimes children behave as angelically as they look, sometimes tantrums happen. However, that shouldn’t affect your perfect day. It will likely turn into an amusing story you talk about the little bridesmaid who cried until her Dad carried her down the aisle and he assisted her in her flower tossing “duties”. You might even surprise yourself. You might get tongue tied or get a fit of the giggles during your vows, but all your guests will see is your joy.

The Weather

Weather is something literally looming over anyone’s head. As venues will be booked months to even years out, it’s impossible to know if your wedding day is going to be impacted by a warm or cool front or if there will be a storm. In certain parts of the country, spring can come at different points: one year April 1st might be warm, but the next year it might have snow flurries which can be hard to predict. And it can rain at any time of year.

Luckily, venues will essentially all have options ready for you, whether that’s moving your wedding to a different location or setting up a tent or heaters for you. While this might mean your wedding doesn’t look like the picture you had in your head, remember that you’ll still be surrounded by your loved ones who all want to see you get married — and remember that venues typically have their bad weather plans down to a science. They probably have plans to make sure your alternate location is as beautiful as the outdoor ceremony you planned for. Besides, a good photographer can make rain days gorgeous — to the point where you can find photoshoots online where photographers used mist to fake the pretty, otherworldly effect.

The Unexpected

Silly, little missteps can and will likely happen. The best man might have to check several pockets on his suit to remember where he stashed the rings. You might forget to grab your bouquet or a bridesmaid may trip in shoes she didn’t have a chance to break in prior to the wedding. While at the time these all might feel like disasters, they’re all great chances for perspective: they won’t take away from the happiness of your day.

Remember that no matter how much you plan, something unexpected will likely happen — and you’ll still end up married to the love of your life.

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