Wedding Cakes Through the Seasons

One of the most exciting aspects of planning your wedding is choosing a theme, and so often, the season of your wedding ends up playing at least some role in the festivities. From simple color choices and food selections to the entire theme itself, the four seasons provide endless inspiration for special occasions.

Let’s take a look at the way your choice in wedding season might affect your choice in wedding cake:


For weddings during the softness of winter, snowy cakes are a magical and fitting choice. Winter brides can pair white cakes with glitter and pearl appliqués reminiscent of snow, evergreen branches, winter berries, and, yes, even snowflakes. Brides might enjoy blue icing or piping to complement the white of the cake, or even dark red tones that pair well with berries or rustic details. Particularly if your wedding is around the Christmas season, you might enjoy adding a touch of holly with bright pops of red to a  stark white cake. In keeping with the winter solstice, you could even include elements of deer or pinecones. Metallic, wintry ribbons or even a naked or semi-naked cake can elegantly match the season without being over-the-top.


Spring is the season of renewal, so it’s fitting that couples getting married in the spring tend to incorporate lighter colors, seasonal fruits, and, of course, an abundance of flowers. Lemon, peach, cherry, and blackberry are all fitting flavors for a spring wedding cake, offering a refreshing taste to match the reset of the year. Colors like pink, yellow, lavender, and cream are all complementary to spring, as are design elements that incorporate traditional spring sightings, like butterflies and woodland creatures.

That being said, you should never feel like you’re bound to particular rules for your wedding cake. It’s your big day; feel free to get creative, and think of ways to combine the renewing beauty of spring with your favorite flavors, colors, flowers, and designs.


With warmer temperatures and sunny days, summer weddings tend to bring with them bright colors, painted cakes, succulent plants, and fruits that complement the season of vacations and get-togethers. You might choose to venture away from the traditional white wedding cake in favor of cheery mixed colors or ocean blues. Particularly if you’ve chosen a beach wedding, plenty of blues and greens, detailed with sugar sand or sea shells, can help tie the event to the stunning seaside destination.

Summer, at its heart, is fun, and just seems to allow for more natural experimentation when it comes to wedding cake design. You might incorporate summer time symbols, like pineapples or watermelon, in your flavors. You may even decide to think outside of the box entirely and go for a cake with a wild geometric pattern or other unusual design.


The fall season is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings, and for good reason. So many of us are enamored with the changing colors of leaves, the cooling down of temperatures, the pumpkins on doorsteps, and the gentle contemplativeness of the season. Couples will no doubt gravitate toward the season’s gorgeous colors — oranges, coppers, golds, reds, browns, and even rich purples. Pumpkins, apples, leaves, and autumn-esque flowers provide special details. Another popular choice for autumn weddings is to choose burlap and other rustic elements over ribbons, giving the cake a feeling more in tune with nature.

Fans of Halloween might enjoy a slightly darker take on this season’s wedding cake, incorporating reds and blacks into the design. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a popular movie theme for Halloween weddings, while ravens and skeleton couples provide other spooky, but meaningful, design choices. Dark red or purple roses would pair well with a Halloween cake, while bright orange sugar or gum paste flowers accentuate the beauty of the season on a traditional Autumn-inspired cake.

So, when is your wedding? Do you plan to incorporate any season-specific elements in your wedding cake design? We’d love to hear your plans! Share your story in the comments.

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