Treat Your Body as Special as It Is – With Specialty Brands & Stores

In a previous blog: More Curvy Styles Please we discussed how generic department stores are very often limited in both styles and variety once their sizes veer above medium.

While some of it comes down to logistics – there isn’t enough floorspace to order every style and color in every single size – it also often leaves many women, who fall outside these limited ranges, frustrated, and far less fashionable than they truly want to be!

72% of Women Are Above Size 12

72% of the women in the United States wear above size 12[1], which, in U.S. stores, is considered Plus-Size.  As Actress and Comedian Melissa McCarthy points out, it “seems strange” to alienate more than half of you clientele and insinuate that they ‘aren’t worthy’ by sending them to shop in another section of the store that holds far less style and variety.

McCarthy also discusses how she felt while shopping once her body had begun developing more womanly curves,

“I guess I was just supposed to stop wearing clothes?”  McCarthy says.

Melissa McCarthy starts her own fashion line and doesn’t agree with the plus-size selection in stores


So, while generic department stores may not yet have both the floorspace – and the sense – to cater to the real women of America, there are plenty of specialty brands and boutiques that are making it their mission to fix this problem.  Shop Specialty Boutiques & Brands.

Best yet – while these specialists carry all ranges of shapes, sizes and variety – they also often hone in on a certain type of clothing – so that you know you are truly getting the best of the best when it comes to knowledge and expertise.

Below is one of our favorite examples of a specialty store – that focuses on Lingerie.

Hourglass Lingerie: Fashion, Fun & Comfort for your Every Last Curve

Just as FanCDesigns has made it our mission to provide style and variety for women of all shapes and sizes for her perfect wedding day – Hourglass Lingerie does the same for lingerie.  

Our friends at Hourglass Lingerie focus on all-things Lingerie and carry sizes ranging from band width 28 to 56 and cup sizes A-O, a whole new size.

Here, you can find the perfect complimentary shape to wear on your wedding day, all different shapes and styles for your entire bridal party and also, lingerie to compliment and support your curves every other day.

Did you know 80 % of women are wearing the wrong size bra? And sadly, most women don’t even realize they’re in the wrong size! (Check out their blog on sizing to help determine if you are in the wrong size.)

…In fact – there are even a variety of problems and health risks associated with wearing the wrong bra size.

Before you go shopping for your perfect wedding gown – make sure you double-check you are wearing the correct lingerie to support your curves in the most comfortable and flattering way.  If you need additional help with this – be sure to check out Hourglass’s Sizing Guide Here.


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