The Pros and Cons of Having Your Bridal Party in Matching Dresses

One of the biggest decision’s a bride needs to make for her Wedding Day is dress selection for the bridal party. Tradition says the bridal party all wears the same dress, and this is a simpler direction. On the other hand, the bridal party may have different budgets, and not every member of the party will have the same weight, height, etc. Here are some pros and cons for having your bridal party in matching dresses.

Pro: It’s More Cohesive

If you’re a bride who wants everyone to look the same in wedding photos, this is a way to achieve the goal. The final dress might not be a consensus pick, but if you worked as a team and communicated, there is a way to make everyone happy for the sake of bridal unity. This is also a way for the guests to focus on the bride and groom, not the varying styles of the bridal party.

Con: Different Budgets

Money comes into play when selecting a dress for a member of a bridal party, as generally each member of the bridal party purchases their own gown. Be considerate when selecting bridal party styles so each member doesn’t feel over-burdened with this purchase. This is particularly true for out of town members who also need to factor travel and hotel into their budget.

Pro: It’s a Wedding Tradition

If you want to keep your wedding as traditional as you can, having the bridal party in the same dress is one of the easiest ones to keep. Every bride dreams of what her wedding day will look like, even down to her bridal party being dressed in a favorite color and style, or one that goes with the wedding theme. One variation of this is to utilize the same style but vary the color to complement the theme.

Con: Different Styles and Body Types

Every member of the bridal party has a style that looks best for them. Some colors may be unflattering on certain skin tones.  Likewise, not all dress styles will look good on all body types. When deciding on the dress selection for your bridal party remember that, you want the bridal party to complement the bride and groom in their Wedding Day photos.  

Consider these factors before making a final decision.  Looking for the perfect bridal gown for your big day? Check out Fan C Design’s bridal collection.

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