Pros and Cons of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Much discussion has taken place regarding matching or mismatched bridesmaid dresses on your wedding day. Each side of the discussion has pros and cons, so you need to consider all your options before making an ultimate decision. Here are two pros and two cons for mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Pro: Mismatching Allows Bridesmaids to Shop For Their Skin Tone and Body Type

With bridal parties varying in sizes, it can be a challenge to find a dress that will look great on everyone. Mismatching allows for the bridesmaid to purchase a dress that works best for her personally. Mismatching doesn’t just mean different colors and styles for everyone, but can also mean the same style but different shades of color. Likewise, the same color varying the style allows your bridesmaids to look their best, allowing each bridesmaid to select a style that works for them.  

Con: Mismatching Can Look Sloppy

Sometimes a mismatched bridal party can go too far in the wrong direction. You as the bride have an obligation to provide guidance regarding color, shade, and style. Everyone should communicate what color they find, and you, as the bride, have the last decision in whether that color works with the complete picture of your wedding party. When discussing color and style with your bridal party, start by talking about color family, then the bridesmaids can look for a shade that works for them.

Pro: Mismatching is Budget-Friendly

Bridesmaids come from all walks of life and might not be able to afford an expensive dress that you may have selected. Allowing some flexibility in color or style (within your guidelines of course) means a bridesmaid can look for a dress within their budget.

Con: Mismatched Might Not Suit Traditional Weddings

While mismatched might be easier for you and the bridesmaids, it’s not as traditional as the classic same color, same style wedding party. If you’re a traditionalist or someone that wants to follow a classic presentation on your wedding day, this is the opposite of the look you want. There is something classic and traditional about the cohesion of having all your bridesmaids in the same dress.

Having your bridesmaids in the same dress or a different one, so consider the pros and cons before you make your ultimate decision on. If you’re looking for more wedding tips or wedding fashion check out our collection of dresses.

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