Planning the Perfect Winter Wonder Wedding

Right now, the summer heat probably means that snow, cozy fireplaces, and hearty winter dinners are pretty far from your mind. But if you’re planning a winter wedding, you’re likely thinking about what cold-weather appropriate touches you’ll be able to bring to your wedding to keep things feeling cozy and romantic. Here are 6 ways to bring the season into your wedding that will make a big mark on your guests and leave you with plenty of warm memories.

1) Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate is a crowd pleasing treat that will be right at home in your winter wedding and is easy for your guests to customize to suit their tastes. A hot chocolate bar could be an option for your cocktail hour or may be set out during the ceremony as a dessert option. You could provide a variety of chocolate drinks, such as both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. You can also offer up tasty mix ins like whipped cream, peppermint sticks, and caramel. If you are having a more adult reception, your guests may also enjoy spiked hot chocolate as a part of your festivities.

2) Embrace Winter Flavors

You may enjoy embracing wintery flavors into your wedding day menu. Your guests may enjoy spice cake cupcakes and gingery deserts. Peppermint is also a delicious flavor to mix in that is season appropriate. A great, family friendly option is to sever gingerbread cookies. These cookies are great for decorating which means they can be an impressive part of your dessert table. You can also have your younger guests decorate gingerbread men to help keep them entertained during your reception. You could set out plain gingerbread brides and grooms with different colors of frosting and candy and encourage kids to design fun wedding day ensembles.

3) Stay Warm

Are you daydreaming about a romantic wedding photoshoot in the snow with your bridal party? Keep in mind that wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses are frequently strapless or have delicate straps meaning there won’t be much to help you stay warm on your wedding day. You may wish to embrace the romantic aesthetic of faux fur to stay warm. Another great option (especially if it isn’t quite so cold) is to have delicate shawls that you and your bridesmaids can layer over your dresses. This pretty touch will still let you show off your dress while keeping you from freezing!

4) Twinkling Lights

While you might associate twinkle lights with Christmas trees, they can be a pretty part of your wedding decoration. These romantic lights may be draped over the walls or small strings of lights may be coiled up into mason jars and used to decorate tables around your venue or threaded through centerpieces. As a bonus, the delicate light they put off can replace candles if your wedding venue has placed restrictions on your use of flames. 

5) Flannel Photoshoot

Silk robes are a popular bridesmaid gift and many brides choose to utilize them for a photoshoot as everyone gets ready for the wedding ceremony. Cozy flannel pajamas in your wedding colors are a fun twist on this idea that will help everyone stay warm while you get ready. You may choose to get a set of bridal-white pajamas for yourself so you stand out for pictures. 

6) Holiday Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are a great way to keep memories of your wedding day a part of your family’s traditions. One great way to do this is by having custom ornaments made, printed with a picture of you and your spouse or with your names and wedding date. These make great wedding favors and you’ll want to make sure that you have extras so you can keep one for yourself. Another option you may enjoy is providing blank ornaments that your guests can sign and decorate. When they’re finished, they can place the ornaments on a small Christmas tree that functions as your guest book. The best part is that you can keep this tree and display it in your home every holiday season.

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