Wedding proposals are a special moment and many couples want to share the moment with friends and family, as well as have photos of the moment they can keep forever. Hiring a wedding proposal photographer is a big decision and you need to talk about it as a couple. Here are five pros and cons of hiring a wedding photographer.

Pro: You Will Have the Memory To Look Back On

When it comes to your proposal, you want to be able to remember that special moment. A wedding proposal is also emotional, and a photographer can capture that emotion. A wedding proposal photographer can also ensure that the surroundings are captured as well.

Con: A Wedding Proposal Photographer May Add Costs

As with anyone you hire for your wedding, a wedding proposal photographer will cost money. Weddings are expensive, and couples trying to stay within budget may have to cut this item. If you chose to do a destination proposal, you will need to cover the cost for that as well. However, your photographer may package the proposal and the wedding together.

Pro: Help With Additional Elements Of Your Proposal

A wedding proposal photographer is more than just someone who takes a photo of your proposal. This person can also help with the location, date, time of day, style of photos, and help with a plan b if needed.

Con: You Might Take the Bride By Surprise

Grooms take note: brides may not want to do an engagement photo shoot or have a photo taken without fixing their look. Since the proposal is unplanned, the bride will not have time to prepare for the event. If you’re worried about taking the bride by too much of a surprise (we’ve all seen the videos of the ballpark proposal on the stadium Jumbotron where the potential bride gets up and walks away), it is best if you plan a hint that a proposal is coming.

Pro: Family and Friends Can Share the Moment

Usually family and friends are not a part of the proposal moment; however, they may want to share in the excitement. Having someone photograph your proposal is a great way to have your friends and family be included in this special event.

A wedding proposal is a special moment that some couples might not want on camera, so it is important that both of you agree when it comes to if you will hire a wedding photographer. Check out our collection or our blog for more tips.


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