Pros and Cons of a Valentine’s Day Wedding

With weddings on holidays becoming more and more popular, couples may consider Valentine’s Day weddings. The day of love can be a fantastic theme for your wedding, but there are some nuances to consider.  Here are a few pros and cons to getting married on Valentine’s Day.

Pro: You’ll Never Forget Your Anniversary

As your marriage grows, there are many dates that you need to remember like birthday’s holidays, special remembrances, and anniversaries. Getting married on a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, is a bonus because it’s already an important holiday, so it may make it easier for you to remember and happily celebrate.

Con: A Set Date Means More Rigid Scheduling

Seeing as Valentine’s Day is a single day, you will be limited to having your wedding on February 14, whether it’s a weekend or a weekday. That could mean either planning your wedding within a few months or waiting a year and some months to get married. If a weeknight wedding is not what you want, as an alternative, you’ll need to pick the closest weekend for your wedding.

Pro: Valentine’s Day Is Already a Theme

You don’t need to worry about finding a theme for your Valentine’s Day wedding. Traditional Valentine’s Day decorations like hearts, red and pink ribbons, and flowers, and maybe even Cupid, and you’re all set. Make this theme more personal with photos of your love, and your love story.

Con: Guests Might Not Be Able To Come

As most of your guests may have weeknight obligations it may be challenging for them to attend a ceremony and reception. Sadly, be prepared for a large number of declines. One option might be to have the exchange of vows on Valentine’s Day weeknight, and the formal reception on the following weekend.


Consider these pros and cons while planning your Valentine’s Day wedding — or any other holiday wedding. Looking for the perfect dress for your Valentine’s Day wedding? Check out the Fan C Design collection today.

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