How To Channel the Royal Wedding At Your Event

If you are planning for a springtime wedding, there is no better inspiration for your event other than the royal wedding! 

We’ve all experienced the excitement of waking up early, turning on the TV, and taking in the beauty of a new prince or princess being welcomed into the royal family. It is a feeling one can’t quite explain! Instead of just experiencing the magic through the TV, take inspiration from the royal family themselves when planning your wedding event.

Jewel-Toned Colors

Start by choosing a color scheme for your wedding, and the rest will fall into place. The best theme to go with when trying to mimic the elegance of the royal wedding is jewel tones! Think dark and rich blues, deep purples, luscious lilacs, and bold reds. Tying these shades into your décor and overall outfit color scheme can help give your wedding a royal feel. 

Florals, Florals, Everywhere!

If there’s one thing London is known for in the springtime, it’s beautiful and luscious blossoms. Try to incorporate florals anywhere you can in your wedding. From printed tablecloths to dried flowers pressed into invitations, the options are endless when it comes to getting creative. Adding a full centerpiece to each table and allowing your bridal party to hold bouquets that match the color scheme of your wedding can also be a nice touch.

Ditch The Band

Instead of hiring a band or DJ to play music at your wedding, try to choose something more elegant. Mini orchestras or string quartets make for excellent additions to your event as a whole. When you walk down the aisle, have the musicians play a tune that matches the style used during previous royal weddings. The same goes for your afterparty! When we’re talking royal, it’s class all the way.

Choose a Simple Menu

The royals are not known for an expansive palate, so be sure to choose a simple menu when talking to your chef or catering service. Dishes such as steak, chicken, and fish will do the trick! You can also take inspiration from past royal wedding cakes and pastries to add to your elegant spread. The presentation of the food is important, too. Serve your dishes on fine china or another high-quality dishware — and don’t forget the champagne!

Thank You Gifts

Choosing an elegant thank-you gift can help your guests walk away feeling royal even after your event has concluded. A handwritten thank-you card can be the personalized touch your wedding is missing. Don’t be afraid to also allow your guests to take home centerpieces and show them out with a bottle of engraved champagne from your big day!

We hope this article helps inspire you to channel the royal wedding at your next big event. Follow along with FanCDesigns for more wedding-themed content!

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