Why Princess Style Ball Gowns Never Go Out of Style

Why Princess Style Ball Gowns Never Go Out of Style

One of the most enduring images of traditional Western weddings is the bride in a white ballgown with a full skirt. This image tends to be what little girls daydream about when they imagine their weddings and invokes princess imagery. Let’s first mention that princess ball gowns aren’t going to be for everyone. Brides who don’t often wear dresses might not want to jump into the deep end with a traditional, fluffy dress, and that okay! Some women might find that other styles of gown work better for their body and suits their sense of fashion better. However if you find yourself lost or daydreaming about a princess dress, it’s worth considering why this style of dress is particularly popular.

Shape Forming

A ball gown wedding dress is fitted throughout the bodice and features a very full skirt that is often supported by crinolines and hoops. These styles can overwhelm women with smaller frames but can look great as long as their dresses are carefully tailored to fit their body —- particularly the length of the skirt. Ball gown dresses are great for highlighting a small waist, emphasized by the full skirt. They can also feature any sort of neckline and sleeve option so they still work well for modest brides or for people who are getting married in a religious setting and need a conservative dress.

A Classic Choice

Ball gowns have been popular for centuries. Their enduring popularity means that in ten years your dress won’t look outdated in photos: the silhouette isn’t considered old fashioned, nor is it modern and trendy. They often give off a very classic effect and are great for formal weddings where the elaborate skirt can give you a great sense of drama. Another great perk of ball gown wedding dresses is that your shoes aren’t visible, meaning you can wear whatever you like. If you aren’t comfortable in high heels you can opt for something like ballet or a similar comfy shoe. If you do prefer to have your shoes visible, brides can always have their dress tailored so that their skirt just brushes the top of their shoes. This sort of tailoring is great for dancing — aided by using a bustle for the back of the dress so you don’t trip over your skirt at a dance party reception.

Feel Like a Princess

One of the biggest reasons a bride might choose a princess ball gown for their wedding is the feelings invoked by the dress. While mermaid dresses or sheath dresses are often appropriate for formal settings, many women never attend a function where it’s appropriate to wear a formal ball gown other than their own wedding. A ball gown might feel like a special treat that the bride is finally able to indulge in, normally relegated to princesses in storybooks and in movies. If a bride daydreams about getting to feel like a princess on the big day, a ball gown is one of the best ways to achieve that special feeling.

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