Prepare For Your Vacation With This Honeymoon Checklist

The wedding planning is finally over, now it’s time to celebrate! Many couples choose to travel far and wide for their honeymoon extravaganzas, with the hope of spending quality time together after months of family involvement. However, this can only be accomplished if both parties are prepared, as travel can be extremely chaotic at times! In this article, we will explore our top recommendations for preparing your honeymoon vacation checklist. 

TSA Approved Travel Kit 

Nothing ruins the mood of a vacation faster than confiscated goods in the TSA scan. While these measures are completely necessary, it can be frustrating to lose expensive items that you were counting on using during your time away. Having products you are familiar with while traveling can give you peace of mind as you travel with a small piece of home! 

To avoid this, be sure to review TSA guidelines for travel products prior to packing. Typically, airlines will require passengers to only bring carry-on illiquid items up to 3 ounces. To ensure you meet this threshold and do not exceed it, we recommend investing in a TSA-approved travel kit, so that you can fill each container to the brim without a worry. 

His & Hers Portable Chargers

While some airlines have updated their planes and terminals in recent years, others are still a bit behind the times. Finding a convenient power outlet might not always be possible. This is why it is wise to bring portable chargers for both you and your partner! This way, you will avoid frantically looking for an outlet and fighting over the last bit of charge in your singular portable.  

Quip Refresh Bag 

Nothing ruins your honeymoon mood faster than a case of bad breath. Avoid this while traveling and easting with a to-go oral care kit. Quip makes a great product that is travel-sized and can be thrown in any purse or carry-on bag. The kit includes floss, a toothbrush, and a flosser for your travel convenience! 

Inflatable Neck Pillow 

To be fully rested and ready to go upon arrival at your destination, it is important to get as much rest as possible during your travels. This inflatable neck pillow can be used in all modes of transportation such as in the car, on the train, or even sitting in an airplane seat. The best part?

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