What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Weddings are happy celebrations full of joy and laughter, but they are also stressful and busy. If you have ever been a bridesmaid or a bride the term wedding day survival kit will not be new to you. It is a bag of essentials that may be needed in the case of emergencies because no matter how much you plan the details, a hiccup might occur.


Below is a list of the essentials you must have in your kit to be prepared for any contingencies.

  1. A mini sewing kit that contains sewing tools like scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins
  2. .It is advisable to carry extra undergarments you might not know when the need for them would arise.
  3. You can also add Q-tips & makeup removers in case you have an eyeliner smudge emergency.
  4. Blotting papers would also be useful for drying oils and sweat on the face.
  5. Tampons/panty liners: this is a must-carry.  Even if you don’t need one, someone else will.
  6. Put safety first, pack your mini first aid kit.
  7. Medicine (pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid) these are just precautionary steps to take in case any situation arises due to stress or other factors.
  8. Novelettes: this is for freshening up while on the move.
  9. Easy-to-carry snacks.  Despite spending so much time carefully planning the wedding food – in between the hustle and bustle of pictures, events and guests, the bride and groom don’t always get a chance to eat.
  10. Super Glue: For fixing head pieces, shoes, jewelry, nails and more.
  11. Straws: to help keep the bride hydrated without messing up her lipstick.
  12. Stain remover pen: in case of a stain emergency.
  13. White chalk: can be used to cover any stain on the wedding gown.
  14. Lighter: For sealing the edge of frayed ribbons.
  15. Lint roller: used by the groom and groomsmen’s.
  16. Cash: Just in case the bride or groom needs to buy something.
  17. Eye drops: this is used to prevent red eyes and reduce their puffiness, if needed.
  18. Extension cord and phone charger (s); very important because some vendors might be calling the brides phone or the bride might need to make an urgent call.
  19. Extra earring backs: they are so tiny that they can get easily misplaced so just carry extras in case the need arise.
  20. Hair elastics, bobby pins, hair spray etc… they may come in handy.
  21. Alcohol: to calm the bride when she’s jittery, you can get all those small ones they serve in airplanes.
  22. Tissues: After all, this is an emotional day, you never know who may need to dry their eye.


Even if you don’t use a single thing out of your emergency kit – knowing you have these things on hand can reduce your stress and allow you to fully enjoy the day.

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