How To Use Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding

Social media contains a vast array of information. One of the sites that may be helpful in planning your wedding is Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with how Pinterest works or are looking for ways to use Pinterest here are our tips for how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image sharing and social site that uses “pinboards” to let users share their ideas and visions on a variety of topics including weddings. These pinboards are a collage of images, graphics, and video that show the design and style of the creator. Pinboards can have any theme you’d like, and  Pinterest has many about weddings and wedding planning.

How Can Pinterest Help With Your Wedding Planning?

So how do you use Pinterest for your wedding planning? Here are our tips!

Create a Main Board

For wedding planning, the first step is to create your own pinboard. As you find images or items of interest you can add them to your board so you can see your vision come together in one place.

Keep like items together, for example, keep all your reception decor ideas in one area of the board.  As you gather additional artifacts pin them to your board, even if you decide later it’s not for you. Having one board can be challenging to categorize all of your artifacts, so be sure to create sections to group your pins together.

Use Pinterest As A Way To Get Inspired

Once you have your wedding theme outlined and you’ve started your board, find things that match that theme. Pinterest is a resource where you can see what you like, as well as don’t like and cater ideas to your wedding theme.

Review what others have done, and if you like it consider adapting it for yourself. Use the more ideas button as a way to find additional ideas.  Of course it’s possible to go overboard with ideas so every so often take a step back, review your board and unpin those ideas that aren’t attractive anyway.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Your Own Images

It’s your wedding, and what better way to make it your own than to add your own images to the board? With Pinterest you can add your own photos, videos, etc. to your board. As an example you’re out window shopping and see a dress or shoes that you like. Upload to your board so you can review them later.

Likewise, be sure to check the wedding shop for social media links as they may already have a direct link to Pinterest which gives you quick access to their collections. The bottom of  our homepage (and all of our pages) includes a link to our Pinterest page.  In addition you can also add things like reception decorations, food ideas and even honeymoon destinations to your board as well.

Create Your Feed Based on Who You Follow

Pinterest can be overwhelming at first because there is so much content available. From the search bar you can filter areas of interest. When exploring wedding gowns be sure to search for our Pinterest page. You can  also follow accounts for other wedding items as mentioned above like venues, decorations, entertainment and food.

Use Pinterest in the way you want, and what works best for you. If you’re interested in our wedding dresses, view our bridal collection and our Pinterest.

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