How To Prepare An Engagement Party

Some may argue that preparing for a wedding is more fun than actually experiencing the final event itself! The small ceremonies and celebrations organized by close family and friends can offer a more intimate way to commemorate this special moment in life. 

One of these moments is your engagement party. Engagement parties are typically hosted for the bride on behalf of close friends. The bridal party is typically invited oh, and the celebration can take place locally or at a desired destination. In this blog, we will explore how to prepare for an engagement party if it is your first time putting on the show! 

It’s All About The Date!

When it comes to throwing the perfect engagement party, you’ll want to make sure that all of the desired guests are able to make it on the date you choose. If key members of the bride’s family or friend group are not able to attend the event, the celebration may feel incomplete. This is why it is so important to start planning a few months in advance to get the date on everyone’s calendars. 

It is also important to plan the engagement party well in advance so that you can book the perfect venue. Wedding season usually occurs in the summer, which means that engagement parties are most likely to happen in the springtime. If you are planning an engagement party, it is recommended to choose the date of the events in the fall, so you can get invitations in the mail and have your venue solidified.

Get Your Guest List Right

Weddings put a lot of pressure on the guest list. Since close family and friends typically plan the engagement party on behalf of the bride,  the couple typically does not have much involvement in the guest list for the event. Therefore, you will want to take into account the most important individuals in the bride’s life. 

Remember, you don’t have to invite the entire wedding guest list to the engagement party. The purpose of an engagement party is to allow the bride to celebrate with close family members and friends to create intimate moments prior to the official wedding ceremony. 

Decide on a Budget

Before choosing a venue or deciding on the perfect guest list, you will want to establish a solid budget for your engagement party. Weddings are known to be extremely expensive. From rings to dresses to honeymoons,  the bills can really add up. You will want to talk with your bride and groom to figure out how important the engagement party is to them. The amount of value the party holds can help you determine an appropriate budget for the event. 

Make a Gift Policy

When sending out your engagement party invitations, you’ll want to include a gift policy to help clarify any questions your guests may have. Many times, couples will establish a wedding registry, where wedding guests can purchase an item off of the desired list of household goods and other necessities. You will want to make it clear to your guests whether or not you are expecting an extra gift during your engagement party, or if you rather redirect them to your official wedding registry instead. You can also encourage your guests to bring food or a dessert to the event, to help cut down on hosting costs!

Create a Dress Code

Prior to sending out your invitations, you will also want to establish a dress code. Of course, your dress code will depend on the style of the venue and the theme of the event. If you want your guests to dress casually, you will want to include this in your invitation so that no one feels left in the dark. The same goes for more formal events if you prefer your guests in more put-together attire. This can help your guests better expect the overall vibe of your event, too.

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