Hiring a Wedding DJ vs. Wedding Band For Your Wedding: Pros and Cons

When choosing music for your wedding, the main two choices are a wedding DJ or a wedding band. But which is the right choice for you and your spouse to be? Budget, sound quality, guests entertainment, and song selection all play a part in the discussion. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of hiring a wedding DJ vs a wedding band.

Pros of Hiring a DJ

More Variety

If you’re looking to add some more variety for your wedding reception, go for a DJ over a band. A DJ can plan a playlist for you, one more tailored to your personal taste.  A DJ has access to all genres of music while a band tends to specialize in only a few.

More Cost Effective

If you’re looking to save some money on your wedding budget, consider having a DJ. Because a DJ is usually just one  or two people, their costs tend to be cheaper (each DJ will set their own price depending on type of engagement).

More Open to Special Requests

Simply put as a DJ has access to almost all types of music they can easily search their catalog for special song requests. Most DJs have catalogs of thousands of songs. And with Spotify making music so accessible, they may even be able to find songs outside of that.

Cons of Hiring a DJ

May be Less Entertaining

Nothing beats the sound and vibe of a live band. While a DJ can provide some “entertainment value” for your guests, a live band with personable and outgoing singers and musicians will provide the best interaction and  entertainment for your guests.

Pros of Hiring a Band

Better “Immersion” of Sound

Nothing beats the sound of a live band. The band can read the room and adjust the song to keep the dance floor active. The guitarist can extend that solo or the band can repeat that last verse three or four times to keep everyone on the floor. And for a real immersive experience, it’s not unheard of for part of the wedding party to front the band for a few songs.

Good For Live Interaction

A band can provide live entertainment not just at the main reception but also during other activities. You can request a keyboard player or roaming guitarist to play during the cocktail reception, etc.

Cons of Hiring a Band


Bands can be expensive, and typically cost more than a DJ. Make sure you get some budget figures before you decide if a band is for you.


Space is a big requirement for a band. They need space for all their equipment and personnel.  If you’re considering a band, make sure to review the venue layout with them before you book them.

Be sure both of you are happy with your final choice and work with your partner to create your playlist. If you’re looking for a wedding or reception dress, check out our bridal collection.

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