Fun DIY Proposal Ideas

Are you planning to propose to your sweetheart this holiday season? You might feel  overwhelmed with the need to impress in your proposal, and not all proposals may be right for your relationship. While some people dream about big romantic gestures with a lot of attention, if you don’t think your partner would enjoy that, you definitely don’t want to make them uncomfortable. If you feel like stretching your creative muscles, here are five fun ideas that you can DIY at home and make your proposal special! 

A Scrapbook of Your Relationship

Take your significant other down memory lane by making a scrapbook of your relationship together. You can find kits at local craft stores full of supplies that you would need like pretty paper, decorations, and embellishments plus the actual photo album. Fill up the pages with photos of you from your relationship, such as from vacations, fun parties, and even your favorite selfies! 

You can also tuck in moments like movie tickets, invitations from events you attended together, or wristbands from attending concerts. At the very end of the scrapbook, have the last page spell out “Will you marry me?” and give them the ring — you can either have it in your pocket to present to them when they reach the last page or perhaps tape it to the page in a pretty satin bag.

DIY Christmas Ornament 

Many couples and families will add a special new ornament to their Christmas tree each year. Whether this is your first Christmas together or if you’ve been celebrating together for years, you might want to try your hand at making a special ornament to pop the question! At many craft stores you can find empty plastic ornaments that you are meant to fill. You can decorate it however you like with options like colorful crinkle paper or ribbons. Gently tuck the ring inside and write “Will you marry me?” on a piece of paper you tuck inside of the ornament. Arrange the ornament’s decorations so the question is visible and present it to your sweetheart as you decorate your tree!

Old School Mix Tape

Are you a music lover? Go for retro vibes and make your partner a mix tape of music that is special to you. This might include your favorite songs and ones that you associate with one another, plus songs from important moments in your relationship, like the first song you ever danced to or a song that was played at a concert you attended. Let the last song on the mix tape be a song about engagements or weddings — exactly what song you choose should depend on your taste in music. Present the gift to them and listen to it together so you can make sure they catch the meaning of the lyrics of the final song and realize that this is the moment where you propose! As cool as a vintage cassette tape is, make sure you have a means of playing it before you go for that option! A CD or a flash drive with music is just as effective!

Book Proposal

Are you in love with a book worm? A book is already the perfect present for them. Try finding a beautiful collectible copy of a book that you know that they love. It’s best if this is a love story, so something like Pride and Prejudice or perhaps a collection of fairy tales can work well. Use blank space toward the beginning of the book to write a note to your love — including the words “Will you marry me?” with the ring taped inside.

Homemade Jigsaw Puzzle 

This crafty project might take a little bit of doing, but it’s also fun and creative! You can purchase a blank jigsaw puzzle or you can even cut one out of wood if you know your way around a saw! Write out “Will you marry me?” On the puzzle pieces and decorate the pieces with bright colors. Help your sweetheart put the puzzle together and have the ring waiting for them when they’ve put the pieces together!

The most important thing to keep in mind when proposing is what your partner will enjoy. While some people love big moments with lots of attention on them, like at a fancy restaurant or on the screens at a live sports game, some people might prefer a quieter, more intimate moment. Any of these options are great ways to have a sweet, sentimental moment with your sweetheart that will be a perfect start to your marriage!

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