Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially when we are encouraged to remain outside these days. The style of dress for a beach wedding can be quite different from a traditional wedding dress. Often, a beach wedding dress is more relaxed and looser in style.

Bohemian Lace

The beach is the perfect place to wear a dress that most brides getting married at a church, or other indoor venues, might not think of wearing. The bohemian lace dress is a style is more free and relaxed, much like the more casual atmosphere of a beach wedding.

A lace dress can have different shapes and patterns, so there are many style to choose from. This style is also available with a variety of sleeves, meaning you can wear a sleeveless, short, or a long sleeve dress depending on the time of the year.

Deep V-Neck

A sexy neckline rarely seen in a church wedding, the beach is the perfect venue to wear a deep v-neck dress. The style can be paired with a free-flowing skirt, reminding us of the beach with the sand and the water, so this style is the perfect way to add a nod to nature. An open back is the added touch for the ultimate beach wedding dress. Sleeves in this style can vary from sleeveless, spaghetti strap, and short sleeves, so depending on the weather, and your personal liking, this style has you covered for your wedding day.


A halter style dress is closed around the neck and typically has an open back. This style is perfect for a beach wedding because the bride can still show some skin without feeling overexposed. The more casual style of a halter works with this location because the beach is not a formal wedding venue, so you can afford to go with a less formal style. This particular style of dress is sleeveless, which can help keep you cool if you’re having a summer beach wedding. A halter dress is light and fun, much like the beach.  

Short Dress

Who said a bride needs to have a floor-length gown for a beach wedding? A short dress is an excellent option for a beach wedding because it won’t collect sand like a long gown with a train. Not only is this style flirty and fun, but you can go right from the ceremony to the reception in the same dress and dance all night. Playing with patterns and sleeve length is another reason to go with a short dress. With varying sleeve lengths, you can wear a short dress for most of the year.  

Colored Dress

The beach is not your traditional formal wedding venue, so mix up your look by wearing a dress in your favorite color, or a color to match the surrounding sunset! A non-white dress is a fun choice for a beach wedding because not only is it unexpected, but you can also have fun with the rest of your wedding day look by adding colorful shoes and accessories. With an outside wedding, no color is off limits – express your style and personality to the fullest!

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