Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress to Compliment Your Curves

We all want to look like floating angels on our wedding day, but finding the right wedding dress on this momentous day is often difficult for plus-size women. Some boutiques don’t even don’t carry anything over a 5. But the average size of a women in the world is plus-size. You should be embracing your curves on your wedding day. You shouldn’t have to settle for something that just fits; you deserve a dress that’s as beautiful as you are. This is your wedding day, don’t settle for a boring dress just because you have curves and do not hide them. Your body is beautiful, and I’m sure your soon-to-be spouse agrees.

At FanC Designs, you won’t be limited to the bland and boring or the desperation to find something off the rack that will fit. However, here at FanC we have a variety of options for all different types of plus size women and choices for every woman. There isn’t just one curvy shape; women are curvy in a lot of different ways.

With that said, you also have to decide what is the perfect dress for you. We love our curves, but we love each one differently.  Here are some things you can keep in mind when shopping for the perfect dress for your big day.

First of all, shop around. There are thousands of wedding dresses just waiting to be tried on, and while you won’t have time for all of them, you can certainly try. This is the fun part. Your wedding is going to have some stressful moments, but finding the dress you know you were meant to wear shouldn’t be one of them. Have all the cake. Make this a party. Take some of your very best friends, and you know your mom will want to come. Try on dress after dress and make piles of “maybe” and “no.” You should have all the choices the world has to offer you.

Keep your favorite curves in mind. Again, we love each of our curves differently, so look for a wedding dress that really makes your favorite curves stand out. Make a note of your best features and make sure that you have a wedding dress that does something for all of them.

Keep your least favorite curves in mind too. We all have to love all of ourselves, but it’s okay to love something and not want everyone to see it. There are probably parts of our bodies that are not where we want our dress to hug as tightly as it can. There are many different styles of dresses. If you keep searching through the frustration and take the time to try on lots of dresses, you will find the one that works best for you; a dress that accentuates your favorite curves and calls less attention to others.

While women all have very different bodies, there are a few basic shapes that most women likely fit into.

The Apple Shape

If your curves fall right around your waist, you are probably an apple kind of woman. There are many ways you can show off your beautiful figure without bringing too much attention to certain areas you may not want to highlight. For an apple shaped bride, the trumpet or mermaid style dress is perfect for you. It allows you to flaunt your full bust and hips without calling too much attention to your midsection.

The Pear Shape

If the curviest part of your body is your hips, you are probably pear-shaped. While curves there are certainly nothing to hide, and in fact, you want to show them off, you want to do so tastefully. For the pear-shaped woman, the A-line dress is perfect. This will emphasize your smaller waist while both proudly and tastefully showing off your hips.

The Hourglass Shape

Some of us, on the other hand, have full figure curves on the top and bottom half with a small waist in the middle. When choosing your dress for an hourglass woman, don’t try to cover up what is there. Your shape can actually help you pull off dresses that many women would have trouble with. For an hourglass bride, the mermaid and flare style is perfect. Show off your curves in this fun, confident dress!

The most important thing to remember is that every woman, every body, every bride is different. Much like the journey to find the love of your life, don’t give up until you’ve found the one!

Come to a FanC Designs store. We are dedicated to helping the plus-size bride have an array of options that are tailored specifically to her on her special day. This is your day; you should be wearing your dress. At FanC, we offer a variety of options for curvy brides from A-line, ball-gown, mermaid, high-low, and trumpet style dresses to find the gown you have always dreamed of. Your big day shouldn’t come with “big” problems. Find a FanC store near you, and let us find something that will make you proud to love your curves on your wedding day!

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