Famous Wedding Style: Princess Diana and Prince Charles

The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was one for the books, and we still look back on the wedding today. One of the biggest things talked about is the fashion: everything from Princess Diana’s dress to her veil, which is still used as inspiration for brides today. While Charles was in his military uniform, many active military men today are married in their dress uniforms.

The Veil and Train Combination

While many brides wear a long veil on their wedding day, few are as iconic or memorable as the one Princess Diana wore. The train was 25 feet long, and the designers made the veil even longer. Tulle was the only material used to make the grand veil. It was too long to be cut in David and Elizabeth Emmanuel’s studio, so the piece had to be cut and shaped while at Buckingham Palace.  The veil and train were so long that they were crushed in the carriage on the way to the ceremony.  

Inspiration for Today’s Weddings

Princess Diana’s iconic look is still used as inspiration today. Longer veils are getting a reboot from some notable weddings. Most recently, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, and the Duchess of Sussex 16-foot veil was a nod to her late mother-in-law. 

Besides the veil length, Meghan Markle had flowers from every country in the commonwealth embroidered into her veil, a nod to not only Diana but also every country in her new home. Duchess Kate paid homage to Princess Diana’s iconic wedding look with a 9 foot train. And many brides — whether royal, celebrity or not — add a dramatic flair to their wedding look by incorporating a dress and train.

Prince Charles’s Military Uniform

Prince Charles got married in his full dress Royal Navy commander’s uniform, as in common for anyone who is a male in the royal family on the wedding day. The medals on his uniform included The Queen’s Coronation and Queen’s Silver Jubilee. A Maltese cross around his neck indicated his role as Grand Master and Principal Knight Grand of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. Below his medals, he wore the star emblem representing Knight of Most Noble Order of the Garter, and the Order of the Thistle Star. 

However their marriage may have turned out, Prince Charles and Princess Diana was a wedding for the ages. In terms of style, it’s still one of the most famous royal weddings of all time. Interested in curating your own classic wedding style? Check out our bridal collection today.

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