Embrace Your Problem Areas (and Stop Calling Your Body a Problem!)

Announcing your engagement tends to lead to a lot of questions from well meaning friends and family. You’re going to get asked about the wedding date and what sort of wedding you want. You’ll be asked if you were surprised when you were proposed to and the details on the ring. You’ll be asked how many bridesmaids you’re planning to have and if you have any idea what you want them to wear. 

And you might be asked if you’re planning to lose weight for your wedding. This can be a weird moment. Most people with any sense of tact won’t comment on one another’s weight unprompted. But something about weddings makes people assume that everyone will be dieting.

The Wedding Industry Problem

Partially, it’s because it’s a whole industry. You can buy sparkly white workout gear with slogans like “sweating for the wedding” printed on it. You can attend “bridal boot camp” workout classes. There’s a lot of pressure on brides to look their absolute very best on their wedding day from perfect hair and skin routines, to wearing their dream dress, to being at their ultimate goal weight. 

Embrace Your Insecurities

Believe it or not, you can still get married if you don’t lose a big chunk of your body weight. However if you’re still concerned about your “problem areas” there are things you can do! One option is to choose a dress that can disguise any parts of your body that you don’t love. If your arms make you feel self conscious, you can find a gorgeous Kate Middleton-esque gown with long sleeves. If you’re self conscious of your lower half, you can choose an A-line dress that gently skims away from your body. There are also loads of shapewear options that can help you shape your body into a silhouette that you like, hiding any lumps or bumps. Bridal consultants will be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dress options that can help you hide parts of your body that you don’t love and flaunt your favorite assets.

But what do you do if your dream dress isn’t going to do the trick to hide the body parts you don’t love? Is your dream dress a snug mermaid dress? Have you always dreamed about a strapless ballgown that won’t be able to hide your arms? Despite your worries, you absolutely can wear your dream dress on your wedding day even if it doesn’t specifically flatter your body type. Your happiness will let your natural beauty shine and that will only be aided by you wearing the dress you love.

This advice isn’t for everyone. If you’ve been wanting to hit the gym and lose weight, there’s nothing wrong with getting some wedding motivation to help encourage you to accomplish your goals. However if you’ve been happy with your body, there’s no reason to feel like you need to change to please other people. 

Often, fashion advice will talk about hiding or flattering your problem areas. Unless if you have a medical ailment, no part of your body is a problem area. Instead, put that energy into loving your body. Loving your body is the perfect way to flatter your figure and that advice goes for your wedding day and beyond.
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