Creative Save the Date Ideas

Save-the-dates are a fun way to let your wedding guests know that you want them to be a part of your big day! They can be sent out before you’ve ironed out your major details to let guests know to plan to spend time with you and let out of town guests know when and where they’ll need to travel. Typically they will be sent out eight to twelve months before the wedding if it’s a destination wedding or four months before the wedding if local. Some people prefer formal save-the-dates that match their wedding invitations which can be a classy touch, but you can definitely be more creative with your save the dates and have some fun and personality. We’ve collected some great ideas to help you bring a little bit of yourself into your wedding save-the-dates!

Calendar Stickers

These are a great way to make sure that your guests know what day you’ll be celebrating your wedding! You can choose any design of the save-the-date and include stickers for their wall calendar or day planner as a fun touch. You may want to include multiple stickers, especially if you’re sending invitations to multiple person households so they can both use a sticker. Seeing your wedding on the horizon will be sure to add cheer to their workspace or wherever they keep their calendars!

Photo Booth Pictures

Take the fun of an old school photo booth and use it to spice up your save-the-dates. You don’t have to use an actual photo booth: you can recreate it with a few simple props. Much of the effect of this is in the format of sending four similar but not-quite-identical pictures in a vertical layout. These can be printed on photo paper and mailed out. Expect to find the cute pictures decorating your family and friends’ refrigerator the next time you visit.

Mix CD

If you and your sweetheart are music lovers, this can have a big impact. This option can be pricey if you’re trying to mail your save-the-dates to a large group of people however if you have a small guest list or a big budget, putting a mix tape of your favorite love songs on a blank CD can be a fantastic way to share some fun with your guests. A less expensive music themed option is to print out circular cards that resemble CDs with your information on them.


Magnets can take a few different forms. You can print out your entire save-the-date on a magnet, knowing that your guests see your wedding date (and hopefully remember to send in your RSVPs as soon as you send your actual invitation!) every time they check the refrigerator. Magnets can also be a fun addition to a paper card — maybe a simple design with your names and the date?

Seed Packet

This is a creative design if you and your future spouse are trying to have as green of a wedding as possible. Let your guests plant the seeds of love (or some colorful flowers or flavorful herbs) by sending them a packet of seeds as a part of your save-the-date. They’ll be reminded of your upcoming wedding every time they walk through their garden.

Crossword Puzzle

Let your save-the-dates also be a fun game! You can easily make a fun puzzle for your guests to fill out using your names and other words that have to do with love and marriage. You can have the information be the answer to the puzzle but if you aren’t sure your guests will complete the puzzle, you may want to put the important information plainly on the paper with the puzzle as a fun extra treat.

Holiday Ornament

This is a sweet option if you plan to announce your wedding around the holidays or if you’re planning a holiday themed celebration; simple ornaments with your names and your wedding date can function as both a save-the-date and a fun memento that can serve as decoration for years to come. This is definitely one you’ll want to keep a copy of for yourself.

Library Book Checkout Slip

This option is great for bookworms, especially if you’re planning a literary themed wedding. List “Wedding” as the title of the book with your names as the authors! Fill out the library card with important dates from your relationship like when you first met, the date of your first kiss, and your first vacation together. The last date (ideally in an eye catching font) will be your wedding date!

Whatever option you choose, remember that you can make any option as simple or creative as you like and you don’t necessarily have to match your wedding invitations. Instead focus on something you enjoy and is memorable!

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