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5 Best Engagement Party Themes

Everyone loves a party, especially when it’s a party to celebrate something as wonderful as a recent engagement. But for a party so important, you really want to make sure it’s one that the newly engaged couple, friends and family alike will never forget. A great way to help their engagement party to stand out is to incorporate an engagement party theme. Like a wedding theme, it can add a playful tone or a cohesive design to the night. The question is what engagement party theme is right for your engagement party?

If you have an idea of the wedding theme, this might be easy. You can flow the one party right into the next (with a few months of intense planning in between). On the other hand, maybe you want to save your wedding theme for later. To keep your engagement party spoiler free, here are a few of our favorite engagement party themes.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

You can’t go wrong with wine and cheese, after all! A wine and cheese tasting engagement party theme is something that’s typically chosen by brides and grooms with rather sophisticated tastes. If you have a large venue and decorations for a fancy soiree, a wine tasting is the perfect engagement party theme. However, it can be more laid back. Consider hosting an engagement party in your backyard on a mild night, with some paper lanterns to light the area, sipping your favorite wines with your family and friends. It’s also a resourceful theme: you might just find the right wine for your wedding at the engagement party.

Go Global

Do you and your spouse-to-be love to travel? Did you come together from different parts of the country, or even the world? An international engagement party theme can be classy and fun, especially if it fits the couple particularly well. Maps can serve as tablecloths, wall decorations, or even hanging decorations. One idea is to have a large map with all the places significant to you and your significant other marked, “mapping out” your love story. You could have cuisine from different countries for dinner, or even a map-of-the-world themed cake.

Brunch/Garden Party

This engagement party theme combines a light, fun atmosphere with something classy and tasteful. Think of your  favorite brunch items to curate a menu and then find the perfect garden venue to set up a big tent for the day. An outdoor venue is great for instances in which some of the guests might be kids, as it gives them plenty of room to play. However, going out to your favorite brunch restaurant or preparing a meal at home and inviting friends over is also nothing to sneeze at.

Tease Your Wedding Theme

Maybe it’s too early to reveal your wedding theme, or you haven’t quite decided on it yet. You can still give your guests a peek in subtle ways, or even test themes out, through your engagement party theme. For instance, maybe you can try incorporating the colors you had in mind for your wedding in your engagement party theme. Unsure if your friends will be able to pick up on a wedding designed after your favorite movie? Try incorporating your theme ideas into your engagement party theme and gauge how well it goes over. If they love it, feel free to go bigger for the wedding. If they’re left scratching their heads, well, now you know.

Vegas Themed

Turn your engagement party venue into a casino for you and your family and friends. You can set up plenty of cards and dice games throughout the room, fill the space with color, and give out fake money or chips to gamble to your heart’s delight. The risk might not be as real as in a real casino, but you can offer prizes for the big winners.

Most importantly, your engagement party theme should be a representation of who you are as a couple, and how excited you are to share this next part of your life together and with your family and friends. Whether it’s something laid back and silly or sophisticated and stylish,  if you love it, your guests are sure to love it, too.

What are some of your favorite engagement party ideas?

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