The Best Colors for Your Wedding Theme

Colors evoke certain feelings and atmospheres naturally. When it comes to your wedding theme, color is your best resource. A strong wedding theme should flow from the ceremony to the reception to the car that drives the happy couple away for the night. Even if you can’t afford to go all out on your wedding theme, you can use color to ensure that your theme is clear and consistent throughout the day.

Certain colors just pair naturally with certain themes. Here are some of the best mixes of theme and color.


If you and your significant other love the things about yourselves that make you funky and different, what better way to celebrate it than through your wedding day? An alternative wedding theme is a fun way to break the rules and be your unique selves with your loved ones. Alternative themes are full of bold color: the more the better. But the color most commonly associated with alternative is red. Red is bold, is bold, passionate, and in your face, just like your style. A mostly white dress with an unexpected punch of red or a black suit with a black shirt and red tie can add a punk rock touch to your wedding. Red floral arrangements, finger food, or a splash of red on the wedding cake are great ways to stick to the alternative theme.


Whether you’re getting married with your toes in the sand or on the smooth rocks near the water, the backdrop of the water is a popular option for the romantic day. For a beach wedding theme, the best choice is to play on the colors that are already there. Blue is the most important color for a beach wedding theme. Blue bridesmaid dresses can match the blue of the water or the blue of the sky. A light tan, like the shore, can add a sense of tranquility to your theme.


Everyone’s love story looks different, but if you’re going for the princess treatment with your wedding, you want colors that invoke the height of romance and elegance. Soft colors with a bright sheen are perfect for a fairytale wedding. Pink, blue, and purple are great choices for the accent pieces–the floral arrangements or the tablecloths. You also can’t go wrong with trims of silver throughout the venue: it gives the atmosphere a royal feeling. With the right color scheme, your wedding can look like the dream come true that it really is.


If you know of a beautiful garden or outdoor venue, you might want to get married in the midst of the wonders of nature. Color scheme is easy when it comes to a garden wedding theme: green, green, green. Bridesmaids, or even the bride or groom, can don a laurel wreath to accentuate the beauty of the theme. Green dresses for the bridesmaids or green ties for the groomsmen or green tablecloths are all great ideas, but be careful not to overdo it. There will be plenty of natural color already there. Just add touches of green to the accent pieces of your theme.

Roaring Twenties

If you can say anything about the 1920s, it’s that they knew how to throw a party. That clean cut art deco style is still popular today, especially when it comes to wedding themes. The 1920s were opulent and carefree, totally oblivious to the hard times that were ahead. The bright white often associated with weddings fits right into a 20s theme, but accents and trims of gold in an art deco style will help to keep the theme going strong into the afterparty, err, reception.


Another popular outdoor wedding theme is the rustic theme. Rustic themes are earthy and rural, finding beauty in simplicity and amplifying that. Rustic themes go hand in hand with all different shades of brown. Wooden signs, place cards, chairs, and tables are all frequent guests of the rustic wedding theme. Materials like burlap, tan lace, and brown ribbons add quaintly elegant touches to rustic wedding themes.



Maybe you want to play on the weather for your wedding theme. There are plenty of beautiful themes to be found in spring, summer, fall, and winter–and plenty of colors to be associated with each. Fresh colors like green, yellow, and pastels make the perfect spring wedding theme. Summer weddings lend themselves well to light, airy colors, a respite from the heat. In autumn wedding themes, deep golds, oranges, and reds come out to play, falling from the trees, warming our flushed cheeks. The pure white and cool blues of winter offer timeless class to be infused into your wedding day. Whatever season you choose for your wedding, there’s a perfect color scheme built right in.

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