Using Poetry in Weddings

How to Add Poetry to Your Spring Wedding

How to Add Poetry to Your Spring Wedding


If you’re a true romantic at heart and looking to create a unique and personal wedding, poetry might be the extra spark you need for a ceremony that tugs at the heartstrings and leaves a lasting impression. Spring weddings are the perfect time to embrace your literary side. Flowers are in bloom, the weather warms up, and the darkness of winter fades away. In short, spring promises a new beginning, and is a wonderful time to embark on a brand new adventure with the love of your life. It is the muse of the seasons, the time when many feel eager to create, explore, and express themselves, all of which can be a crucial part to your big day.

Using Poetry in Weddings

  1. Making your vows

Many young couples choose to write their own vows instead of sticking to the traditional script. Have you and your partner set aside some time to communicate all of the things you love about each other, and all of your promises for the future. Turning these thoughts into a simple verse that intertwines with one another will make you feel even more connected, and your vows much more meaningful.


  1. Guest haiku

Ask each of your guests to write a brief well wishing haiku after the ceremony, perhaps offering advice or drawing on personal memories of you as a couple. Keep them in a box to open after your honeymoon, or whenever you and your loved one need some extra strength as a family unit.


  1. Poem Place cards

During your reception, add a little extra romance for your guests by leaving parts of famous poems as place cards. You can even turn it into a meet and greet game by asking guests to find the other half of the poem and introduce themselves to the person that has it. This serves as a steady icebreaker for two families that may not know each other so well.


  1. Wedding bands

Another option for sharing a poem between partners is getting engraved wedding bands with brief verses that intertwine. Pick something simple and sweet that will make you feel close even if far away from one another.

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