5 Wedding Hairstyles For 2024

Like wedding fashion, wedding hair trends change from year to year. While there are the classic styles that will always be fashionable, newer styles can also complement your wedding look.  Here are five wedding hairstyles popular in 2024.

A Formal Bun

This classic hairstyle is one that is simple and will keep your hair off your face. The style is simple and elegant, making it easy for your hair team to do. The bun can stand on its own, or you can add jewelry or flowers for a personal touch. A high or low bun with a center part is traditional  and  can be elegant behind a veil.

The Sleek Ponytail

The ponytail can work for a bride that wants to be more casual but can also go more formal depending on accessories. It also will work well for Bridesmaids.  The ponytail needs to be positioned properly for effect at the crown of your head. Add some volume around the ponytail to complement the style. You can add waves or curls around your face for a personal touch.

Vintage Curls and Waves

Curls are making a comeback in wedding hair fashion. Old Hollywood had a romantic effortless hairstyle that brides are still using today. For sculpted waves, have your stylist twist your hair to achieve that classic old style look. This style will look classic with our style am-27414.  Soft curls are another option, especially for those with natural curly hair or opting for a more casual look. Soft curls will  move naturally in the wind at a beach or outdoor wedding.

Updos and Top Knots

A high updo, or top knot, is a look brides are choosing to keep their hair secured, and off their face. Top knot’s and updo’s are recommended for longer hair, and can be done as an exaggerated bun incorporating jewelry for a sophisticated look.   Updos can be a twist or a bun, and is a much more casual look. These are versatile styles that can be used for many different wedding dress styles. Use accessories to make either of these styles your own.


Braids are more contemporary and can be very versatile as there are many different styles to choose from. A full crown braid will be an updo both at the front and back of your hair circling your head like a crown as the name implies.  A  classic french braid will  add a touch of sophistication particularly with an off the shoulder style dress.  A fishtail braid, named for looking like a skeleton of a fish, positioned over the shoulder will look striking with a one shoulder dress.

No matter what hairstyle you choose, make sure you’re comfortable with it, and it goes with the rest of your ensemble. Our bridal collection has dresses for any number of hair trends.

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