5 Wedding Flowers For 2020

Each year, a group of flowers rises to the top of popularity, and it’s challenging to know from year-to-year what’s on top. There are some new trends, and some classic flowers that work for weddings no matter what year. Here are five flowers popular for weddings in 2020:


This flower is huge, so you only need one or two in your bridal bouquet. Likewise, the flower can be the highlight of your centerpiece. Blue, pink, purple, and white are common colors, and you can use one color, or a mix of colors for your design. Hydrangeas have the shape of a beating heart, so this flower is reminiscent of love. Part of a wedding bouquet is versatility, and this flower comes in many shades and sizes.


An outdoor or tropical wedding is the ideal setting for an orchid because of the origin of the flower. Pink, yellow, red, and green are common colors for orchids. Orchids symbolize beauty and refinement, making them a fantastic choice to add to any arrangement. Alone or with other tropical flowers, orchids are sure to stand out in your wedding bouquet.


While an untraditional choice, the Anemone would add a striking effect to any bridal bouquet or centerpiece. The bold black center of this flower would work well alone or as a focal point paired with other flowers for a dramatic bouquet. Color comes into play because of this bloom’s variety of shades, meaning you can complement the colors of your bridal party with a coordinated look. These flowers are obtainable in winter or spring, but can be used no matter the season.

Calla Lily

This flower works for a simple bouquet or with others as a part of a larger centerpiece or arrangement. Coming in a wide variety of colors, this is a versatile bloom all year long. Calla Lilies come in a large variety of colors, which also means the flowers can be used with a variety of wedding themes.


This flower is classic for a reason and will always be memorable in a wedding bouquet or a centerpiece. Roses come in different shades and varieties so they can be included in many wedding themes. The bloom can be incorporated into many floral styles from elegant to bohemian.

With these flowers for 2020, you’re well on your way to having a classic wedding bouquet with the popular blooms this year.Check out our Bridal collection for more wedding ideas.

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