5 Tips For Making Your Wedding Registry

Wedding gift registries can be challenging because of the many options you have. Between online websites, big retailers, and local stores, it’s difficult to know what’s the best registry for your gifts. Here are five tips to consider when selecting your wedding registry.

Make a List of Your Needs and Wants For the Registry

As a couple, consider the basics you will need starting out, then add some additional “wish” items. For example, if you’re a new couple just starting your first home, you might want to add items for your home that neither of you had living singly. When adding items to your registry, particularly items like place setting or glassware, make sure to include your desired quantity. Once your completed list has been placed in the registry, don’t worry; you can always add or update later.

Pick Two or Three Places To Register

Having more than one store on the registry means that people have options as to where they get your gift. A recommendation is to pick one major retailer, such as a Macy’s, Pottery Barn or Target, and one or two local stores in your area. Consider making your big retailer a store which offers more than one sister store such as Pottery Barn, which allows you to select from Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and West Elm. Look into what the store offers such as a return policy and other rewards for using their registry.

Schedule an Appointment

Where practical, a one-on-one appointment with a registry consultant offers the opportunity to explore options. While an online registration option from places like Amazon and Wayfair may work if you know exactly what you want, meeting with a consultant will allow you to work with them by putting together a registry that blends what you have already with what you need and want. Meeting in person may also include extra perks such as a complimentary glass of wine as you shop. For big retailers, go online and start the process, and then book your appointment. Local stores who might not offer online registration, call the store to book your appointment.

Get Started on the Registry Early

A wedding registry takes time. Remember what you chose will be with you for a long time and reflective of the generosity of your wedding guests. Give yourself enough time to put together a registry that meets your needs and wants and the budget needs of your guests.

Work On the List as a Couple

Each person may have differing wants and needs, so working on the list as a couple ensures that both of you are happy with the final list. Make it a date night where you two have dinner and can discuss what to include and where to register.  

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to making your wedding registry personalized to you. For more bridal tips or to look at wedding gowns, check out our collection.

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